The Evil in Me by Sheri Lewis Wohl (Plus a free book!)

BSB-ScarletRevenge_146x225I was lucky enough to meet the fabulous Sheri Lewis Wohl this past July at GCLS in Portland. We’ll reconnect next month at the Gay Romance Northwest Meet-up. While at GCLS, she offered a class called Evil 101. Today, she tells us a little about that experience.

Also, she’s giving away a copy of Scarlet Revenge (winner’s choice of ebook or paperback). Details for how to enter are listed at the bottom of this post!  Good luck!

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The Evil in Me
by Sheri Lewis Wohl

It’s Saturday morning, the weather in Portland, Oregon is sunny and warm. Rolling out of bed, I put on my running shoes and go trotting down the road. It’s a glorious morning to run along the river and breathe in the fresh clear air. By the time I get back to the hotel, shower, and dress, I’m ready to face the day. After all, it’s my morning at the tenth annual Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) conference. Why my morning? Because I’m presenting my workshop, Evil 101: Where True Crime meets Terrific Fiction. Oh yeah, baby, it was time to talk about big, bad, and really bad.


Walking on the dark side and then talking about it came as an epiphany during a writer’s conference in Boise, Idaho some years back. It never occurred to me that anything in my life was worth sharing. What did I know that others might find interesting or helpful? Then as I was sitting in a workshop listening to an attorney share stories of her life and how she was able to turn things she encountered into fictional stories I had one of those ah ha moments. After all, with several decades in the judicial system, I’ve seen and heard it all. Those years working in a world where normal was often skewed helped me craft my characters and make them more interesting, realistic, and frightening. Evil 101 was born.

This Saturday morning I was nervous. I’d already spent several days surrounded by some of the most interesting and accomplished women you can possibly imagine. Again, I couldn’t help thinking about what I could share with them that these great women might find interesting? My fears appeared to be well-founded. At first, no one was there. Was my workshop going to be a bust? At least one person was sure to show up, right?

By nine my fears were put to rest as one by one women began to fill the seats. We talked of stupid criminals, crazy defense strategies, poison, lies, and the ever popular serial killers. All of the foregoing cases from my own backyard. I shared what I’ve learned over my nearly twenty-five years in the criminal justice system and they in, turn, shared with me—one of the best parts of being a workshop presenter.

When GCLS wound up the next morning, away we all went to our respective corners of the world. For those who shared an hour of their time with me, they were able to take a little of the evil in me home with them. It was a beautiful thing.

And speaking of evil, it has a tendency to creep into everything I write. Take Scarlet Revenge for example. It’s the third book in the Spiritus Chronicles and something evil is stalking the city of Washington D.C. What you ask? Well send me an email at: by Tuesday, September 2nd and I’ll do a random drawing from all the emails. The winner will receive a copy in the format of your choice (e-book or hard copy) of Scarlet Revenge.

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Sheri Lewis Wohl grew up in Northeast Washington State and always thought she’d move away to somewhere exciting. Never happened. Now she happily writes surrounded by unspoiled nature, trying to capture a bit of that beauty in her work. No matter how hard she tries to write normal though it doesn’t work – something of the preternatural variety always sneaks in. When not working or writing stories filled with things that go bump in the night, she trains for triathlons, acts as a zombie extra in an upcoming TV series, and is a member of a K9 Search & Rescue team.


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