Clutter Cleanse

I’ve just finished the edits and proofreading for my November release – Courtship. Part of the process is clearing out the clutter: extraneous words, too many commas, repetitive phrases, all removed with the goal of producing a final product that’s a seamless read.

The process got me to thinking about how much more seamless the rest of my life would be if I cleared away the clutter. To that end, my wife and I have committed to going room by room this fall and either selling or donating all the stuff we do not use and do not need. Once that project is complete, we’re going to figure out what else we can do to streamline our lives. Anyone else tackled similar projects? What do you do to declutter your lives?



  1. As you know, my life if one continuous decluttering process. I find it’s easier to get rid of the big things. It’s the little things (mostly with sentimental value attached) that tend to pile up and take up space. If I could just detach feelings from things, the whole process would be much easier. Just my two cents.


  2. I haven’t tackled the de-cluttering yet as for me it is too daunting. I envy anyone who is able to manage this task. The thing is, I have a double shed that is chocko of stuff. When we moved in here the removalists packed things in so tight you can’t move in there. We have tried, with some success to get to the things we needed but the rest is still packed in.


  3. My partner and I started this about a year ago now and it is great. I feel lighter since we have gotten rid of so much excess. I still have my office to go and it is pretty daunting but I will tackle it this winter. Our house feels so much bigger too! We just did one room/closet at a time. When spring time came, we had a huge yard sale. Nothing was allowed back into the house if it did not sell. We then donated anything left over. We immediately loaded the leftovers into the car so we were not tempted. We did not want to have our house be like my Dad’s. When he died, we could not even walk around all the junk. It took all of us to clear it out and I did not want that to ever happen to our family. Now we just need to keep it this way!


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