Yvonne who?


Talk about a dry spell. And I’m not talking about the heat in East Texas 🙂


If you haven’t heard, I’ve been having major problems with my internet provider. Which is unfortunate, because I can’t even threaten to get it elsewhere – this particular company is the only gig in town for me.

It is what it is.

I’m relearning all kinds of things about powerlessness.

As if I didn’t have enough experience…

In the last couple of years alone – I have had the highest of highs, and lowest of lows. I keep waiting to take that “breath.” The one between life’s challenges. That sigh of relief when you know you can rest, when your shoulders can come down off your ears.

Every victory has been answered with an equal loss.

So, being stripped of my “go-to” forced me to look at things from another perspective, without my charming distractions.

Listening to the Universe has allowed me to experience another spiritual growth spurt.

I feel as if I could burst with the creative energy flowing right now.

I had time (and the desire) to take that breath.

So, I am tentatively stepping back into my office….

dusty desk

Too much? Ha-ha! Run with it.

I’m a writer – exaggeration is part of my charm.

I’ll be on when I can – as the service allows me – while I wait for the necessary repairs.

I received some cool tablets and brand new mechanical pencils as an early birthday present – which are being put to good use as we speak. Lots of actual work getting done around here!

So many characters to create – worlds to build, and stories to write. I’m having trouble deciding where it’s all going to land next.

I’ll bet it’s exciting though!


Who’s gearing up for the NanoWriMo?


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