Still Resting

As my writer’s block continues, it amazes me how easily we fall into a dark place where we feel we will be stuck forever. It’s a really deep, disturbing psychological thing. 

I remember feeling the same way when I ended up in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer. I had lost a lot of blood and required 2 transfusions. After being in the hospital for 5 days, I went home but was out from work for 3 weeks (I went back too soon). While I was home, I felt so weak. Anything I did tired me out so quickly. And I thought that I was never going to feel better again. I thought, this is going to be it for the rest of my life. Of course, it wasn’t. I got better and stronger after a while. I just needed to be patient and rest.

It’s the same way right now with my writing. I’ve been feeling incapable, uninspired, and unproductive. And I feel like I’m never going to get my mojo back.

I’m trying to remind myself daily of what it felt like when I was sick, and how it turned out to be untrue. I guess everyone goes through phases of unproductivity in various areas of life. The hard part is not falling into the trap of believing that it will never get better.

I’m considering this period one of rest (that’s what I keep telling myself). Hopefully, I’ll rebuild my strength soon and be back at work.


  1. having had the hideous medical experience you’ve had, you know that there will be a positive outcome even if you can’t always see it… take the time to just ‘be”… You deserve it and when the flow comes back you’ll be rushed off your feet! Sending positive vibes…


  2. Hey, the muses are just on vacation. They do that when they know you have to regroup. That’s the writing life for ya. Fickle bitch, isn’t it? 🙂

    You’ll be back in the saddle soon. In the meantime, use your hiatus to plan new things.


  3. Just know it is temporary…try a poem…it can be short, but it will be an accomplishment, (or so I tell the kiddies!) LOL!!! 🙂 Hang in there!


  4. Think of it as taking time for all your creativity to compost and revitalize. I’ve been there–as has every writer–and I’ve been amazed that eventually, I get the urge to write again. It’s almost mysterious. I try to accept it and take the time to enjoy other things. Sometimes writing can consume all your free time, especially if you work, so taking a break can be a good thing. Stay positive, read lots of good stuff, go for walks, whatever you want!


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