Our place in the world

Hey, Gang!

Wow, the last few months have been crazy around here. Some of you may have seen my posts over on FB about our little move. A few of you might even think we’re crazy moving north, but that was our plan all along. Still, you know what they say about planning and making the universe laugh or something…

DSC_6848So, for those of you who may not be over there in my FB world, I’ll catch you up. We packed up and left Florida for a destination in Western Pennsylvania. Home to my roots, as it were. These plans have been so many years in the making that it seems unbelievable that it’s really happening. Sandy and I had dinner with my oldest and dearest friend from high school last night, marveling that after all these years we will be living about ten minutes apart. Karma, I say!

Let’s get to the big news. Last week, bulldozers, backhoes, and cranes remade the patch of forest into our homestead. It finally looked as if we might actually be able to put a house into place! I was truly amazed at what the workers accomplished. Could it be that this dirt plane was indeed the first step?DSC_6869IMG_2192

Then came today, delivery day for the basement walls. We jumped out of bed before dawn to get on the road, loaded up the pups and headed out into the chilly morning. We were almost to our destination when our site guy called to say the walls wouldn’t be arriving till at least noon due to weather delays on other jobs. Crap. Oh, well. We grabbed a small bite and headed to the property, anxious anyway. By the time the big trucks and cranes arrived, the rain had as well. Undeterred, we pulled on our coats and soaked in the whole experience. (Couldn’t resist)

So, now we have the start of a house that will be our forever home. It will be a love and friendship only zone. We can already feel the special vibe of this place—our solitude, our inspiration, our place in the world. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.


P.S. Thanks for being patient with me today. After a 2 hour drive in a driving rain, I’m glad we made it in under the wire! Peace. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Our place in the world

  1. Building your home in your long held dream location is going to be a great journey. I hope the end product is a house filled with love, laughter, friendship and joy. Enjoy!


  2. Congratulations on your big move, I hope your home building goes well with no headaches. Enjoy your new home. Both the building of and the living in.


  3. Thank you, ladies! Anywhere Sandy and I are is home, as long as we’re together, however, this place already feels like hallowed ground. While the stress and changes in our lives over the past year have short-circuited my writing, I feel the muse whispering to me on the wind in the trees.


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