Texas in Stages by Karis Walsh

BSB-BlindsidedCheck it out! My buddy Karis Walsh stopped by again. I was lucky enough to see Karis last month at the Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up. We didn’t have time to hang out as much as we would have both liked, but it was awesome to have a few moments to check in and hug an old friend.

Enjoy the blog. And, for the love of God, read Karis’s books. She’s awesome.

Texas in Stages
by Karis Walsh

At the moment that I’m writing this, we have a thirty-foot trailer parked outside our house, containing the stuff I moved out of a storage locker when I was in Washington last month. I traveled back there to see my family and to attend the GRNW as a visiting author, so I took the opportunity to empty the locker and get everything moved to Texas. Although my belongings only take up three feet of the enormous vehicle, the value to me is unquantifiable. Most of the things are horse-related. There are boxes are filled with equestrian books, memorabilia from my hunter-jumper competition days, two saddles, and a large tack trunk stuffed with saddle pads and leg wraps and grooming tools. The arrival of the trailer coincides with the writing of my latest equine-themed romantic intrigue about a mounted police unit, Mounting Evidence, the sequel to Mounting Danger.

I moved to Texas in stages. First I moved my goats here in a cargo van (you can read more about that story here: http://kariswalsh.wordpress.com/2014/01/27/traveling-cross-country-with-goats/). That trip was both harrowing and humorous—I love to tell it to anyone who will listen because it always leads to laughter—but it was hugely important to me at the same time. My first priority was to get my animals to their new home. Once they were settled, I went back to Washington and started stage two: moving the things I’d need over the next few months. Clothes, writing reference books, a desk and my grandfather’s bookshelf. While these objects and other necessities traveled via U-Haul,my dad and I drove my car through snow and hail to get my car and a few choice personal possessions to Texas(again, you can read more here: http://kariswalsh.wordpress.com/2014/02/09/still-moving-cross-country-the-goats-opted-out-of-the-last-two-legs-of-the-journey/).

I thought the items I’d placed in storage were the least important. I had moved my animals, my necessities, and the few special objects I couldn’t bear to lose. I had settled into our new home and routine and didn’t really need the stored stuff. I moved it because I didn’t want to keep paying for a storage locker when we had enough space in the house and garage, but now that it’s here, I realize how much it matters. The saddle I used when I was an awkward and shy kid who magically transformed into someone confident and graceful when I was riding. The horse books I read when I was first starting to fall in love with books. Things that formed the person I am, and things that will inspire me as I finish Mounting Evidence. I’m here now, past and present and future.