Strong Women by K’Anne Meinel

by K’Anne Meinel

I’m a big proponent of writing about strong women in my books. I have sixty-five published works now. All but two are what I’d consider Lesbian Fiction. One of them does have a lesbian character but no sex, just a strong story line. People may wonder why I always have strong women in my stories. I believe that just because a woman is strong doesn’t mean she doesn’t have problems, vulnerabilities, or a life, a story to tell and I tell about them, about the journey. People’s perceptions of what makes a woman strong sometimes bothers me, they perceive strong women as usually ‘butch’ or ‘bitchy’ or a host of other descriptions that aren’t accurate. What they fail to realize is what it takes to be that STRONG of a woman. The drama, the life experiences, the whole she-bang (pun intended). It isn’t about the sex, it isn’t about the job, it’s about what makes a woman and her infinite mysteries…tick.

When I create my books, the story frequently has been outlined but only in rough terms. As I’m writing I think of scenarios that this character or characters need to have to become the women that I know they are capable of becoming. I hope that my readers respond to them, put themselves in the same position, or at least respect the process that it takes for these women to go through and become the strong women that I write about.

Just because a woman shows her vulnerable side, has a weak moment or decade, doesn’t make her a weak woman. I find women of particular interest when they have that story to tell. I’ve had critics who said it wasn’t possible for a woman to have so much happen to them. I’m sorry, but I object to that particular critique…especially when I’ve used my own life experiences that they are picking apart. It takes a human woman who lives life to the fullest to have such dramatic, life altering experiences and to come out stronger as a result.

Even a so-called weak woman has her strengths though. If we can capture her essence, her ability to survive, that too makes her stronger than she or her audience thinks.

I love to write about women. Not just because I myself am one of them or that I am a card-carrying lesbian. It’s because of the many strengths and weakness that it entails to be one. Creating new realities of women of strength I think has really become my forte.

In my current book, LAWYERED the main character Nia Toyomoto is not a ‘weak’ woman at all but she doesn’t realize her strengths until she begins to explore her sexuality. As a lawyer, an ultimate ‘A’ type personality, always over-achieving, she doesn’t begin to really realize her ‘strengths’ or her weakness until she begins to really live her life. This story explores that and her over the course of a couple of years. The good, the bad, the ugly all make an appearance as any lesbian love story or drama should. I hope the humor comes through to those who read it and enjoy it. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but even I have to admit this time, I scored when I created this cover.

I look forward to the feedback of readers, whether you love it or hate it, keep in mind you don’t have to be a strong woman to be admired and a woman of note.


K’Anne Meinel (pronounced Kay Ann My Null), an American author was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and emerged full formed behind a keyboard, sometime in the 1960’s, where she still resides today after a seventeen year detour through Southern and Central California on the beach. Her first novel, SHIPS written in 2003 was to be the beginnings of many masterpieces. Bringing her characters to life in the pages of her books she discovered a real talent for writing romances. She is the best-selling author of the novels REPRESENTED and LAWYERED and her other works include LONG DISTANCE ROMANCE, GERMANIC, and TIMED ROMANCE. Her novella Sapphic Surfer has been a best-seller and others such as Sapphic Cowboi, Sapphic Cowgirl, and Ghostly Love have received acclaim. In 2011 she started her infamous MALICE series including an anti-hero/killer by the name of Alice. Writing well-researched romance novels with humor and a bit of spice she plans to travel some more to fuel her ever hungry keyboard with many more places she hasn’t already been in her books!



  1. K’Anne – you got me with the cover!!! Sorry to say I was not familiar with your work until now, but I plan to purchase “Lawyered” right away.


  2. You not only ‘scored’ with that cover; IT WAS A SLAM DUNK!!! 🙂 Way to display the softest part of a woman with a strong vibe of wanting…kudos 🙂


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