Frozen Popcorn

Hey, all. I missed you last week. But it’s good that Andi gave you the 411 on what’s going on with the gays. It was a busy week, what with people getting hitched and the Pope putting his own particular swerve on the Catholic Church. 

I can’t say that my week was anywhere nearly as exciting. I did attend an event that was a little bit outside of my area of interest/expertise, but it was an interesting experience. And I had a free ticket, so what the hell, right? It was an event planner’s expo—I got to eat some food and check out some really cool decorating ideas. The best part, though, was trying frozen popcorn. They put popcorn in liquid nitrogen and when they pull it out, it’s all cold-steamy and shellacked looking. But what’s really cool about it is when you pop it into your mouth and bite down, this steam comes out of your mouth. It’s kind of freaky. But don’t let that stuff sit on your tongue or you’ll know what freezer burn really means.

That was my excitement for the week. Have a good weekend.




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