The muses are on vay-kay (and I sure as hell wish I was there, too)

Sometimes writers enter a “meh” stage.

I’m in one now. I’ve been really busy with stuff that is not related to writing, so I’ve had to put the writing on hold for a bit. I don’t get too bent out of shape about that because things happen and you have to kind of roll with whatever’s going on, so the muses are on a bit of a vacation right now (saucy wenches) while I try to get things organized in a variety of quarters.

So no, I haven’t fallen off the planet! Instead, I’ve been

1. eating way too much chocolate in a futile attempt to stave off stress and PMS.
2. without internet for a few days, so I instead wandered aimlessly down the street, gnashing my teeth (not really. See number 1.).
3. organizing some crap at home, which is taking a major long time but it’s stressing me out, so it’s time to organize. And it’s been involving lots of cleaning and repairpeople.
4. crazy busy at work; this time of year is nutso in many quarters.
5. trying to squeeze workouts in but the increased darkness from our time warp hour thingie has made that difficult; may switch to mornings.
6. stressing out over Walking Dead (DAMMIT, CAROL, DON’T YOU DIE! are you listening, WD writers?)
7. see number 1.
8. pondering my next writing project, but again, the muses are on a little vacation.
9. clenching my teeth a lot, which generally means I’m pretty stressed (see number 1).
10. drinking wine a little more than usual.

And there you have it! Just curious. Which of the following ideas do you think I should write next?

1. a romance involving a conspiracy theorist and a politician. Maybe a really uptight politician.
2. a paranormal thriller where there really was a UFO crash landing outside Roswell, NM.
3. a paranormal mystery series that involves…well, I don’t know yet, but it sounded good at the time.
4. a sequel to The Odyssey that stars Helen of Troy and her girlfriend. And pirates. There’ll probably be pirates.
5. a postapocalyptic novel that has giant zombie rabbits.

Clearly, I need more wine and chocolate.

Anyway, happy Friday, everybody! And what projects are YOU working on? Or are your muses on vay-kay, too?


15 thoughts on “The muses are on vay-kay (and I sure as hell wish I was there, too)

  1. I’m going with zombie rabbits. And I think Carol is playing sick to get into the hospital to save Beth. Darryl’s outside waiting to cover their escape. At least that’s the way I’d write it.


  2. I feel you on #1. I bought an entire chocolate cake yesterday and it’s mostly gone. And I still feel the PMS making me unfit for interaction with others. And I second the zombie rabbits idea!


  3. I’m with you on the chocolate binge! Love me some chocolate!
    As for story ideas, gotta cast my vote for the conspiracy theorist and politician–really uptight or not. 🙂
    And yes, my muse is on vacation with yours–since March! Yikes!


  4. The uptight politician would steal your wine and chocolate, so that’s a no. Not knowing what the paranormal mystery would be about – that made me laugh – so that gets my vote tonight. I’ve only had one glass of wine and I have to go back out in the world, before I have more. I have to by light bulbs, because, well, you know, it’s so damn dark! And I’m really hoping Lowes has the special spectrum lights, otherwise it will still be dark in here. My vote could change. I’ll let you know. Meanwhile, have more wine and dark chocolate.


  5. Oh, Andi, those Muses are being real bitches. They’re probably sitting around a pool somewhere, doing shots of tequila, and laughing at both of us. Well, they’ll come back on their hands and knees, you just wait and see.

    I think you’d do a great job with any one of those topics


  6. I like 1 or 2. Just FYI, I’ve been on an involuntary sabbatical from writing for over four months. Thankfully, Nano showed up to save. I really missed writing. Hang in there 😉


  7. Hope the pms goes away soon but sort of hoping the chocolate addiction continues in moderation. As far as the muse and the writing goes, it will come and when it does you will write a brilliant book that will win lots of really cool awards.
    I would prefer you to write a romance story but whatever you chose will be widely read I’m sure.


  8. Andi,

    Please stick with #1 … I’m not into the paranormal … ‘normal’ is usually too ‘para’ for me! 🙂 The muses do sometimes need their vacations, but when they come back – once that house is in order and they feel welcome – they will be working overtime for you!

    Feel your power!


  9. Andi,

    There must be something going around. My muse’s been off doing who knows what for too long! R.G. is probably on the mark about them being off in some tropical paradise doing shots. Chocolate and wine ARE the best medicine. Hang in there.

    My romance nut says go for #1 🙂


  10. Totally understand the ‘meh’ stage. (We have a lot of sheep around here. They say ‘meh’ a lot.) I’ve just come through the other side and have started work on a new WIP. As for your new projects – definitely something with pirates – and it would be good for Helen of Troy to have some fun. I feel she got a bit of a raw deal in the original story.


  11. I’ve spoken to the muses and told the to get their asses back to work. I’m not sure how successful I was, but they did look a little scared. I do think one of them flipped me off when I left 🙂


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