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Spot-On Dangerous Dykes at the Virtual Living Room

This weekend, the Virtual Living Room is hosting a spot on event focusing on the Crime/Mystery/Suspense genre of Lesbian Fiction. A must for those of you who like a bit of intrigue in their reading. This event includes book giveaways and features a whole slew of awesome writers. Check out the line up!

  • Kim Baldwin / Xenia Alexiou
  • Barrett
  • RE Bradshaw
  • Cari Hunter
  • Isabella Author
  • Jae Author
  • Anne Laughlin
  • Leslie Murray
  • CP Rowlands
  • Shelley Singer
  • Baxter Clare Trautman
  • Ali Vali

Ann Aptaker has kindly agreed to co-host with Henrietta Bookgeek, Devlyn and BeniGee.
Want to join the awesome? Go HERE!

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