The Long Weekend by Clare Lydon (PLUS BOOK GIVEAWAY!)

81qWgbKfBdL._SL1500_Congratulations to Dawn and patricia iserman. They both won an ebook copy of The Long Weekend by Clare Lydon.

Check it out! The author of London Calling and the newly released The Long Weekend, Clare Lydon, is with us today.

She’s also giving away TWO ebook copies of her newest book, The Long Weekend. To enter the drawing, just leave a comment below. I’ll draw the winner on Friday, November 28 (AKA Black Friday here in the U.S.). Good luck!

The Long Weekend
by Clare Lydon

My new novel, The Long Weekend, centres on a group of friends who get together to celebrate 20 years since they met up at university. Four couples and a lone single, the weekend tests the collective friendship of the group as well as turning the spotlight on a couple of stuttering relationships – will they survive or crumble? Throw in fine food, a vat of booze and a healthy slug of humour, and you have all the ingredients for a helter-skelter few days.

I recently came back from my 20-year university reunion with five good friends. We stayed in a hotel, toured our old campus, ate some lovely food and were all tucked up in bed by midnight. We had a fantastic weekend catching up and ambling down memory lane, but believe me when I say it would not have made for a particularly interesting book because we all got on too well. There were no big secrets revealed, no nagging history, no annoying new partners, nothing. In short, my life is not book material, for which I’m thankful!

However, going on that weekend gave me the inspiration for writing this novel, because late thirties/early forties is an interesting time of life where people are dealing with getting older, creaking bones, raising kids, keeping long-term relationships fresh and so on. I’ve always enjoyed contained dramas like this, so thought I’d write a new one bursting with lesbian characters to enjoy.

In The Long Weekend, my characters are dealing with all of the above, plus they have 20 years of shared history including secrets, white lies and new partners stirring up the mix. They’re all good friends but put them in an environment they can’t leave for five days and watch the emotions erupt. Plus, the house they’ve rented is in the country and so suffers from patchy internet reception, enough to fray even the calmest nerves!

All my actual university friends are slightly nervous that this book is about them. They can rest easy – it’s not. But even though no character is based on anyone, because there are quite a number of key protagonists, I’m sure you’ll be able to identify with someone or recognise yourself somewhere in the novel. All of my beta readers told me this, and that’s a really strong point of the book.

Friend-filled weekends away are always packed with explosive laughter, tension, great food and fun, and I hope my book conveys all that and more. There’s a boatload of love and history between the group of friends featured, it’s just how they handle the sailing when the waters get choppy.

Does it have a happy ending? Read the book and find out.

Also, I’m giving away two ebooks of The Long Weekend to two lucky readers – just leave your name in the comments and the winners will be chosen at random.



Clare Lydon’ sdebut novel London Calling became an Amazon No.1 best-seller around the world. Her second book, The Long Weekend, is out now on Amazon. The paperback is available direct from her at Clare lives with her wife in London and when she’s not writing, you’ll find her singing karaoke and playing the guitar badly. She survives on a diet of caffeine and Curly Wurlys, with the occasional banana thrown in for health.

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  1. That sounds like just the kind of book I’d love to cuddle up with in December. It’s officially on my “To-Read” list!


  2. I like the premise for your story. I missed your first book. I’ll have to go and look it up:-) sign me up for the e-book, please.


  3. Hi – thanks for the comments everyone. Hope you all enjoy the book, I’d love to know what you think when you’re done!

    And Lynn – Curly Wurlys are the queen of chocolate bars: chocolate-covered caramel and only 115 calories a pop. Almost healthy. When eaten with a banana…


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