Jingle Time Again

So who’s ready for Christmas? Do you have your tree up? Have you strung lights around your house? Have you positioned the mistletoe and holly? Is the wreath on your door? Are the jingle bells securely around your horses’ neck, all ready for the sleigh ride that you and all your friends will take?

No? Well, maybe you’re the sort that quickly passes by the Hallmark station and all the other stations that play holiday movies and cartoons endlessly and go for the other channels that are airing the complete opposite of Christmas stuff. Maybe you opt for The Manchurian Candidate, How The West Was Won, or Nightmare on Elm Street over The Bells of St. Mary or the innumerable versions of A Christmas Carol (c’mon, don’t you want to see the Disney and Mr. Magoo versions?).

I totally understand. Some people absolutely adore Christmas and look forward to it every year, while others have a deep aversion to it. I fall somewhere in between. Somewhere between the ultra-religious devotion to it and the rampant commercialism and tacky, ostentatious show, there’s a space where one can appreciate the nicer points of the holiday and shut out everything else.

There’s something about Christmas movies and specials that just make you feel like a kid, minus the bull crap. You can just lose yourself in the fantasy of Christmas for a while and appreciate the message before (and after) heading out to the commercial madness of holiday shopping.

By the way, it’s the 50th anniversary of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the animated Rankin & Bass show. I grew up watching that and all the other holiday cartoons and continued watching them well into my adulthood. And why not? What’s wrong that? For me, the holiday season just wasn’t complete without them. Just as Halloween means all the great cheesy B horror movies, Christmas means all the old-time classic Christmas movies. I must watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown at Halloween and I must watch Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown at Christmas.

I did a list of my favorite Halloween movies, so now here’s a list of my favorite Christmas movies/TV programs, in no particular order.

A Christmas Carol
(any and all versions, but especially the Albert Finney musical, Scrooge)
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
The Year Without a Santa Claus
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
Happy, the Baby New Year
Frosty the Snowman
Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
It’s a Wonderful Life
Miracle on 34th Street
A Christmas Story
Home Alone
Nightmare Before Christmas
(yes, this was on my Halloween list, too—it’s a crossover movie)
Bad Santa
Eight Crazy Nights
(okay, that’s a Hanukah cartoon)

I’m sure I’m forgetting some. The list seems endless.

How about you? What are your holiday faves?





[Rudolph video]



  1. WHERE, pray, is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation????!!!! When buying a fresh tree I always see its aura, like lovely Clark Griswold, indicating its perfection for our house! Just love that film… Happy Christmas, R.G. btw; enjoy your posts.


  2. Two years ago some friends introduced me to the move Elf……their go to movie to start their Christmas season. I’m not much of a movie watcher and was a bit resistant to watching Elf…..but…..it makes me laugh and view Christmas through a child’s eye. This weekend will get together and have our Elf movie night and I’m looking forward to it. 🙂


  3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a must every year! Also The Santa Clause and Home Alone are ones we watch. The classic Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life and also Wizard of Oz are ones that get watched too.

    We have the wreath up and our tree and decorations will be this weekend. I have my Holiday playlist on the iPod, so it is ready to go!

    Happy Holidays!


  4. Although it’s not technically a Christmas movie, I love Judy Garland in Meet Me in St. Louis. That’s where Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas comes from and no one can sing it like she does. Now that I think about it, this could also be a Halloween crossover movie as there is a great scene when Tootie (Margaret O’Brien) goes trick-or-treating.


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