The Hootenanny is coming! Again.


Oh my goodness! It’s already December and we here at Women and Words are gearing up for the Hootenanny once again.

What’s a Hootenanny you ask? Well, for us, it’s a once a year bash that lasts twelve days and involves merry elves, a lot of nog, and a whole ton of awesome authors giving away a whole ton of awesome books.

This year the Hootenanny starts on Friday, December 12 and ends on Tuesday, December 23. Be sure to read the rules (they’ll be at the top of each day’s Hootenanny post) before you enter. There might just be a few changes in the mix.

And, because we love y’all, we’re sharing the line up today instead of making you wait until the 12th to see who all is playing along with us this year.

AJ Adaire
Ali Spooner
Amanda Kyle Williams
Amy Dunne
Andi Marquette
Andrea Bramhall
Ann Bannon
Ann McMan/Salem West
Ashley Bartlett
Barb Clanton
Barb Winkes
Barbara Ann Wright
Beth Burnett
Bev Prescott
Blythe Rippon
Bridget Essex
Carrie Carr
Carsen Taite
Cathy Pegau
Chris Paynter
Cindy Rizzo
Clare Ashton
Clare Lydon
Clifford Henderson
D. Jackson Leigh
D. Jordan Redhawk
Dena Hankins
Dillon Watson
Doreen Perrine
Ellen Hart
Emma Weimann
Fay Jacobs
Fiona Zedde
Georgia Beers
Gerri Hill
Harper Bliss
Heather Blackmore
Heather McVea
Jane Hoppen
Jeanine Hoffman
Jess Faraday
Jessie Chandler
JM Redmann
Joan Opyr
Jody Klaire
Jove Belle
K’Anne Meinel
Karelia Stetz-Waters
Karen Badger
Karis Walsh
Kate McLachlan
Katherine V. Forrest
Katie Gilmartin
KG MacGregor
Kim Baldwin
Laurie Salzler
Layce Gardner & Saxon Bennett
Lee Lynch
Lesley Davis
Linda Kay Silva
Linda North
Liz McMullen
Lois Cloarec Hart
Lori L Lake
Lorraine Howell
Lynette Mae
Lynn Ames
Mala Kumar
Marianne Banks
Marianne Martin
Marie Castle
Mavis Applewater
MB Panichi
Melissa Brayden
MJ Williamz
Pat Cronin
Patty Henderson
Q Kelly
R R Rose Carbinela
R. G. Emanuelle
Rachel Spangler
RE Bradshaw
Rebecca Swartz
Rebekah Weatherspoon
Regina Hanel
Renée Bess
RJ Samuel
Sacchi Green
Sandra Barret
Sandra Moran
Sheree L. Greer
Sheri Lewis Wohl
Sophia Kell Hagin
Stevie Carroll
Susan Thompson
Tanai Walker
TT Thomas
VK Powell
Winter Pennington
Yolanda Wallace
Yvonne Heidt

Plus, we also have a group of awesome publishers who are participating this year, as well. Check them out!

Bedazzled Ink
Bold Strokes
Cleis Press
Desert Palm Press
Phoenix Rising
Rose & Star

Get your comments ready folks! The Hootenanny is coming!


  1. Thanks Jove and all the elves for doing this. I know it must be an enormous undertaking, especially at this time of the year. It is wonderful to see the long list of authors and publishers who are generously donating their wares. Happy Holidays to all.


    • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Greetings–we start putting the lists together in September and we finalize them a couple of weeks prior to the actual start of the Hootenanny because it takes us quite a while to prepare the posts for each day and load them up. That said, we do have a “Contact” page above and you can drop us an email any time. And if you’re interested in guest blogging and doing a giveaway, we have a link for that up at the top of the page, too! WOOOOOO!


    • Yep, what Andi said. I actually start my list in January because that’s about the time I start getting emails asking about the next year. You should totally drop one of us a line (Andi gets emails from the “contact” page, I get them from the “be our guest” page.


  2. Wow!!! Thanks to Jove and Andi and any other elves for organizing this and thanks to all the authors and publishers. You’re all great!


  3. You all ROCK!! Thank you for organizing this event, and thanks to all the authors….it’s better than Santa!! Cheers!!


  4. Incredible list of authors, amazing generosity and wonderful work by you guys and your elves! I’m really looking forward to meeting some new authors and visiting with favorites. Luv the fun of trying whether I win or not. Thank you all for what you do.



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