Hootenanny 2014 – Day 2


So. Did you have fun on day 1, my little partridges in a pear tree? Well, don’t get too comfie. Because we are just as out of control today as we were yesterday. THIS GOES ON FOR ANOTHER 10 DAYS, PEOPLE! WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED!

Tucker the merry elf is considering a new wardrobe for the Hootenanny.
Tucker the merry elf is considering a new wardrobe for the Hootenanny.

Before we start rockin’ and rollin’, a GIANT THANK YOU to all the authors and publishers who have joined us in this endeavor (bless their hearts) to roll out holiday cheer, no matter what you celebrate (or if you don’t). All of these awesome folks, we think, put the tinsel on your tree, the marvelous in your menorah, the sexy in your solstice, and the quintessence in your Kwanzaa. Or just the disco in your day, if you’re not a holiday sort. THANK YOU, all.

So let’s jump right into day 2, shall we?

(hint: “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”)

We wish you a merry bookfest!
We wish you a merry bookfest!
We wish you a merry bookfest and a reading new year!
Good titles we bring to you and your kin
Good titles for reading and holiday cheer!

We don’t need a figgy pudding
We don’t need a figgy pudding
We just want some eggnog and a new book
We’ll stay until we get one
We’ll stay until we get one
We’ll stay until we get one, eggnog’s for the elves!

Okay, folks. If you want in on the glorious book fiesta today, leave a comment on today’s blog. Make sure you put your email address in the comment fill-out form, but DO NOT put it in the comment body. The merry elves are deeply concerned about your intertoobz welfare, and don’t want the nasty coal-sucking holiday spambots to steal your address. Don’t worry, the only place it goes is the peppermint vault in the back, which is so full of essence of mint that it’ll make your eyes water and ward off the spambots.

Please, one entry per person per day. Let’s all share the luv.

Authors, if you’re listed today, please refrain from playing because it would be, like, way creepy if you won your own book. I mean, you already know what happens in it, after all.

Drawing closes at 10 PM EST US (here’s your world clock) and we notify winners right away and post the names on the blog. So if you see your name on the blog but you haven’t gotten an email, check your spam filter.

Winners will be drawn in the order the books appear below. First name drawn gets the first book, second name drawn gets the second, and so on.

NOTE: Print is specified for the country author will ship to. If there is no specification, the author will ship anywhere.

And now, behold. The day 2 offerings.

YOLANDA WALLACEWinner Barbara Schneider

Yolanda is offering up ONE PRINT COPY (U.S.-based readers) of The War Within. Meredith Moser, who served as an Army nurse during the Vietnam War, comes face-to-face with a part of her past she thought had stayed in the past but it’s now, and it’s also going to affect Meredith’s granddaughter. Find out what happens if you win!

CARRIE CARRWinner Carrie gooch

3-PACK ALERT! Carrie is offering the first three books in her Destiny’s Bridge (Lex and Amanda) series to one lucky winner! That’s Destiny’s Bridge, Faith’s Crossing, and Hope’s Path. Saddle up and come on out to the ranch. Print or ebook.

AJ ADAIREWinner benipardy

A.J. is offering a winner’s choice ebook of any of her 6 titles! Will it be one of her Friends series? Or maybe One Day Longer Than Forever, in which a doctor burned out on romance ends up sharing a vacation cabin with another woman, who’s just had her own issues with love. Will heat between them melt the winter’s chill? If you pick this one, you’ll find out! Or choose from her other titles.


Blythe is offering an ebook copy of her brand new debut novel, Barring Complications. New Supreme Court justice Victoria Willoughby is trying to navigate press and people. It’s an open secret that she’s a lesbian, but that becomes an issue when the court is set to hear a case about gay marriage. Add to the mix the brilliant and out lead counsel Genevieve Fornier, and you’ve got a recipe for a heck of a case.

R.G. EMANUELLEWinner Janet

Rainbow runner-up R.G. is offering a Kindle copy. Giovanna “Jo” Rossini teaches cooking at the New York Culinary Institute. She’s still trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life when she offers a class on Moroccan cooking that includes a couple of students with their own ideas about cooking with Jo. Will Jo make the right choices? Or will fear and her past keep her from making any? Win it and see!

DILLON WATSONWinner Amisha Patel

2-PACK ALERT! Goldie-winner Dillon is offering 1 copy of Back to Blue, a story of an artist trying to reclaim her life after a coma and one of Keile’s Chance, a tale of unexpected love. NOTE: print, U.S.-based readers.


Novelist and playwright Stevie Geller is just fine toeing the line and avoiding conflict. But when she agrees to accept an award in her Illinois hometown, she ends up confronting her past. Will it determine her future? Win Timeless and find out! Winner’s choice of either print or ebook of award-winning author Rachel’s book (print for U.S.-based readers only).


Chelsea and Gail are engaged. It’s a solid, safe, relationship. But does it have the passion that Chelsea once had with someone else? And what happens when that someone else shows up again? Win a copy of The Interpretation of Love and Truth and see! Winner’s choice, print (U.S.) or ebook.


2-PACK ALERT! Winner gets a Kindle copy (or .pdf) of From the Boots Up and a print (U.S.) or ebook copy of From the Hat Down, the follow-up. Start the Meg and Gina saga with Boots and find out where it goes in Hat.


GCLS finalist and Rainbow runner-up Heather Blackmore is putting up an ebook copy of Like Jazz. Cassidy and Sarah met 10 years ago in high school, but then they lost touch. Until Cassidy runs into Sarah while investigating a fraud at the latter’s charitable foundation. How much can Cassidy reveal? Or will she sacrifice herself to protect Sarah? Win it and see!

REBECCA SWARTZSvetla (Czech fan of lesfic)

2-PACK ALERT! Rebecca is hooking a lucky reader up with her two novels, including her hot off the press Falling, in which ex-cop and private security consultant decides she’ll pick up a hitchhiker. A really attractive hitchhiker. But maybe things aren’t as they seem. And the winner also gets Rebecca’s debut, Everything Pales in Comparison, where Emma Kirby is part of the security detail for rising country star Daina Buchanan. Dangerous things, however, are afoot…if you win, you’ll find out what! Print or ebook.

SHEREE L. GREER – Angela Musselman

Rainbow runner-up Sheree is offering a winner’s choice of either her latest, Let the Lover Be or her short story collection, Once and Future Lovers. Lover deals with Kiana, a functional alcoholic who decides to go back to New Orleans to disrupt her ex’s wedding. But she meets someone there who forces her to think about things differently and she’s faced with a choice about retaining old habits or learning new ways. Sheree’s fiction collection takes a look at love and the many ways people grapple, embrace, fight, and need it. Choose ebook or print (U.S. only for print).

KATE McLACHLAN – Belinda Lartigue

2-PACK ALERT! Kate (another fab Rainbow runner-up author!) is offering ebook copies of her latest, Christmas Crush and Return of an Impetuous Pilot. In Crush, the Christmas tree business can get a little heated between tree lot competitors and Pilot is the third in Kate’s quirky time travel series.


Marianne is offering a paperback copy of Keepsake Self Storage. Avola and May have been together almost 30 years, but it seems to Avola that things are getting crazy when one of the Keepsake Storage units becomes a mysterious crime scene. Then May’s son leaves town, which means scheming Vera horns her way in, followed by Lisa, the friendly paramedic. And then May takes off to look for her son. Is seventy too late to change? Win it and find out! (print, U.S.)



  1. love the spirit of gift giving and the generosity! I am in the UK and if I win a paperback which can’t be posted please pass to the next person drawn…

    Thank you all!


  2. Ooooo, I CAN’T believe I missed Day 1 (I’m online too early!). It will NOT happen again! Please put my name in the hat for these WONDERFUL books/authors ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah Hotenanny!!!


  3. Some favourite authors and some new ones. Yay. Let the square dancin’ begin. Now where did I leave my string tie…


  4. Not only learning a lot of new words like for example Hootenanny ๐Ÿ˜‡ but also so many new authors. Absolutely love it. Thank you!!!!


  5. Missed yesterdays as today is the first time I’ve heard of this as new to the blog. Hope I’m not to late for today’s entry.
    Merry Christmas/Happy holidays everyone xx


  6. I am in for Day 2 … and I want to be drawn first (not too greedy!) because I’ve wanted to read The War Within, but have gotten it yet!


  7. couldn’t you just SWOON from seeing how GOOD these authors are and how good their book covers look? and some of the authors are pretty hot too! tee hee hee.


  8. Great line up of books ๐Ÿ™‚ and now I have “We wish you a Merry Christmas” in my head, thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰


  9. Wanna, wanna, wanna have them all! No take that back…sigh…just being greedy…nope, want them all!! LOL. Please enter my name, thx ๐Ÿ™‚ Susan


  10. I missed the time cut off today, but I’m here earlier today. Some wonderful books in this list. Thanks to the hootenanny crew and the Authors/Publishers for their hard work and generosity.


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