Hootenanny 2014 – Day 3


The merry elves had their first party last night. They’ve been totally stoked about the list of Rainbow Award winners, so we had to send Tucker out for more supplies today. Don’t worry. We figured we’d have to make a couple of runs this year, because it seems the parties just get bigger and wilder up in here so we always plan accordingly.

Tucker the merry elf is doing some comparison shopping on supplies.
Tucker the merry elf is doing some comparison shopping on supplies.

Speaking of…congratulations to all the Rainbow Award winners and runners-up this year! Rock on, YOU!

And along those lines, thank you so much to all the authors and publishers who generously provided books for this nutty event we put on just about every year. At some point, the merry elves would like us to create a moving circuit party Hootenanny, like, with live giveaways and dances and stuff like that. Of course, they had been drinking a lot of eggnog at that discussion, but it does make for fun fantasizing, yes? A day-long Hootenanny circuit party! But for now, we’re doing all of that in the back and we sure hope that the luv and fun and festivity extends to all of you.

(hint: “Drummer Boy”)

Come…they told me
pa rum pum pum pum
a big ol’ Hootenanny
pa rum pum pum pum

The first books here to read
pa rum pum pum pum
to win each evening
pa rum pum pum pum
rum pum pum pum

So we post comments
pa rum pum pum pum
on the blog…

ALL RIGHT! Most of you know how this works. But if you’re a newcomer to our crazy, WELCOME! And here’s what to do.

If you’d like in on today’s drawing, leave a comment on this here blog. Make sure you include your email address in the comment fill-out form because that’s how we notify you if you win. Do NOT put your email address in the comment body because the ice gorgons of No Holidays, Inc. will try to ruin your holiday cheer by stealing your email address which they then feed to spambots. Only the crew in the back sees your email address from the fill-out form, and the elves lock ’em up in the peppermint vault every day (which they love doing because they enjoy the fumes).

We close the drawing at 10 PM EST US (world clock thingie HERE) and then the elves get right to work on drawing winners. We notify you and post the names on the blog, so if you see your name listed but you haven’t received an email, check your spam filter.

Remember, each day is a different drawing, so you need to enter every day to play. And please, in the interest of sharing the luv, one entry per person per day. Thanks.

Authors, if you’re listed today, please don’t participate because whoa. Winning your own book? So not festive!

First name drawn gets the first book on the list, second name drawn gets the second, and so on. That keeps it less confusing for all of us back here trying to keep things from going all cray-cray.

NOTE: Print is specified for the country author will ship to. If there is no specification, the author will ship anywhere.

Got it? Good! Let’s go!


Mavis brings us the follow-up to Brass Ring. Here, Detective Caitlin Calloway has to deal with breaking in a new police partner while someone is leaving a trail of bodies much too close to home. Who can she trust? Win it and find out! Winner chooses print or ebook.


2-PACK ALERT! Multiple award-winning mystery author Ellen Hart is offering a copy of The Cruel Ever After and The Mirror and the Mask. In Cruel, Minneapolis restaurateur Jane Lawless has to deal with her nearly broke ex-husband trying to make a deal over a priceless artifact. But when he wakes up next to the dead body of the buyer with no memory of events, he flees then returns to cover his tracks, but somebody did that for him…and in Mask, Jane Lawless is dealing with a floundering economy that’s no good for new restaurants, and a long-distance relationship that’s tanking. So she takes on PI work. If you win these books, you’ll find out what happens. Paperback, U.S. only.

KATIE GILMARTIN Winner Phoenix Grey
Blackmail My Love Cover
In this illustrated 1950s noir set in San Francisco, Josie O’Connor’s gay brother has disappeared amidst rumors that he ratted out gay bars to the police for raids. Josie sets out to clear his name, end blackmail, and exact justice for the dead. Along the way, she meets the sultry owner of a lesbian bar, gets intimate with a madam, and conspires with the star of disreputable bar. Print (U.S.).


3-PACK ALERT! You may know AKW by the fabulous and often hilarious Facebook posts she provides, but she’s also known for…well, writing thrillers. Here she’s offering the trilogy of the Keye Street Stranger books: The Stranger You Seek, Stranger in the Room, Don’t Talk to Strangers. Join former FBI analyst and recovering alcoholic Keye Street in her private investigations that can go deeply and darkly awry. Predators, murderers, thieves. Keye takes them all on. Win all three in ebook format!

CARSEN TAITEWinner Charlotte

3-PACK ALERT! Lambda finalist Carsen Taite is putting up the three books she’s got in her Luca Bennett bounty hunter series! That’s Slingshot, Battle Axe, and the latest, Switchblade. Join edgy, adventurous Luca for thrills, intrigue, and romance! Paperback or ebook (paperback for U.S.-based readers only).


Barrett is offering a winner’s choice of any of her Damaged series! Here they are, in order: Damaged in Service, Defying Gravity, and Dispatched with Cause. Follow special agent Zeke Cabot as she takes on assignments in New Mexico, dealing with burnout and PTSD as well as bad guys and a struggling relationship. Winner’s choice, paperback or ebook.


THREE-PACK ALERT! RE is offering winner’s choice of any three of her ebooks. Will you choose three of the Rainey Bell thrillers? Or perhaps Sweet Carolina Girls or Out on the Panhandle are more your speed. No worries! RE’s got a lucky winner covered!

JESSIE CHANDLER – lmcleanhoule

4-PACK ALERT! Jessie Chandler is putting up her four caper mysteries, starring Minneapolis coffeehouse owner Shay O’Hanlon and a cast of colorful characters. Winner gets: Bingo Barge Murder, Hide and Snake Murder, Pickle in the Middle Murder, and the latest, Chip off the Old Ice Block Murder. Paperback (U.S.) or ebook.

ISABELLA – andi joyce

Join Chad Caldwell, who has finally worked through the betrayal of her former client and lover, Reagan Reynolds. But Chad’s latest client is the future first lady, and that marks her as a target for a domestic terrorist. And then what happens when she comes face-to-face with Reagan at a business conference in Abu Dhabi? Win it and find out! Isabella is offering print (U.S.) or ebook.


3-PACK ALERT! Ashley is offering her Dirty trilogy in ebook to one lucky winner! That’s right. A copy of Dirty Sex, Dirty Money, and Dirty Power. So join the DiGiovanni twins Reese and Ryan and Vivian Cooper, Ryan’s best friend, as they stumble upon a bunch of gold bars and take it to — where else? — Vegas. But there are some who might want their money back. And they’ll do anything to get it.

JM REDMANNparrothed

Lambda-winning JM Redmann’s Intersection of Law and Desire follows New Orleans PI Micky Knight, who takes on a case in which the daughter of a friend may have been sexually abused. Little does she know that the case will take her into dark worlds where young girls are treated as commodities. Paperback (U.S.).


4-PACK ALERT! Goldie Winner Andi is offering the four books currently available in her New Mexico mystery series. Join adjunct professor K.C. Fontero, her best friend Albuquerque police detective Chris Gutierrez and the posse as they deal with schemes, plots, danger, and each other. Here they are, in order: Goldie-winning Land of Entrapment, State of Denial, The Ties that Bind, Day of the Dead. Paperback (U.S.) or ebook.


2-PACK ALERT! Goldie winner Sophia is offering 2 ebooks to 1 winner, including a copy of Whatever Gods May Be, a romance/adventure starring Marine Jamie Gwynmorgan, and Shadows of Something Real, where something besides shadows threatens Jamie and the woman she’s falling for.


  1. Good grief Charlie Brown! I missed yesterday’s awesome list, can’t let that happen again. Please enter me for this amazing list. Thanx



  2. Lalalalalalala. Truly fantastic. I won a book yesterday from a brand new author. Yeaahhh. Don’t want to be greedy so… what do the Elves think? Are there any rules about entering again after winning?? Anyway I’m very very happy already. You made my day!


    • Nope, haven’t made any rules about entering after winning. We figure it’s a totally random drawing, so your chances are no better or worse than anybody else’s on any given day. But do share the luv. One entry per person per day. πŸ˜€


      • That’s so very nice. Sharing the love amigas.We are so very beautiful πŸ™‚ Should I randomly win a book of these awesome writers I haven’t purchased I will enjoy and share the love. If she is on my eReader already I’ll share and care. Yup. Have a wonderful evening. X


    • I conferred with the elves and they said go ahead. Of course, they have been hitting the nog pretty hard, so there’s a really good chance they don’t even know what they agreed to…


      • To be honest I’ve been hitting some nog also .. I love the Hootenanny energy and if I’m a lucky woman again I’ll share :-). So I’ve won a price AND a want to stay in the energy. No worries amigas


      • I want in on this! Seriously, reading gives me a connection to the characters that I’ve never been able to make with people that easily. I’d love to get anyone of these.


  3. I have about half of these books, but who knows, I may get lucky and win one of the others! Thank you!


  4. Kicking my heals up at the hootenanny! Look at these great book offerings, thanks to authors and publishers!


  5. Hoot! Hoot! Can’t thank enough to all the great authers that have taken the time to bring joy to all their readers! “Count me in Please”!


  6. Well I would love to review on AMazon and Goodreads but have not bought them yet: Blackmail My Love or The Cruel Ever After (We have all the other titles – lol!)


  7. Crossing fingers, crossing toes.
    It’s hootenanny day three, and here it goes.
    Please, count me in with all good cheers.
    For any of these reads would make my year.

    Okay…..now you see why I read and don’t write…LOL!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!


  8. What a wonderful gift that you elves are doing. Looking at all those wonderful books.its been a very long time since I’ve read a book. I like series books.i probably won’t win but that’s okay. Have fun and Merry Christmas to all.


  9. i won’t even state the obvious awesome groups, but let me throw a shout out to the ELVES! wooowoo hoooooo!


  10. I’m just drooling. Thanks again to all the authors and to Andi for running this fun event. I look forward to your funny dialogue each day πŸ˜€


  11. Count me in please. Really good selection of books today. I have my Fingers crossed for switchblade as i Love Carsen Taites books. But all look good today xx


  12. Sorry, have’nt been able to get past rum. Mm mm mm good! I hope the elves are sharing that too!


  13. Happy Hootenanny! Great line-up of books and authors – count me in. (Do I have to mention I’m from outside U.S. here?)


  14. Okay, so I tried to sing that out loud….. the dogs left the room. Oh well, I am sure some one can do it……just not me.


  15. What a wonderful group of authors plus some new folks I am not familiar with. Thanks for giving all year long.


  16. Whootwhoot! Ice Gorgons. Are they the same creatures who visited my house last winter after receiving 14″ of snow and didn’t let it melt for three weeks?


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