Hootenanny 2014 – Day 5



KIDDING! What, are you nuts? DO NOT EVER STOP us in the Hootenanny world o’ freaky fiesta! (Speaking of…HAPPY HANUKKAH!) Here we are, Day 5, and my stars n’ garters, but the elves have already decorated the reindeer and the neighbor’s dog. Which is fine, because the dog likes the elves and the tinsel they make her wear every year. The neighbors put up with it because the elves bake really good brownies and they’re quite generous with those.

And, of course, the egg nog. Which the elves generally like to make themselves, but sometimes they go out on supply runs for a certain kind of ‘nog, especially if it’s getting late. They prefer to make their batches in the morning, but they keep a stash on hand of ready-made.

(hint: “Frosty the Snowman” [in case it wasn’t really obvious])

Frosty the bookman was a well-read happy soul
with a cup of tea, a scrunched-up nose
and a bookmark from the store

Frosty the bookman is always looking for books
he loves to read and everyone knows
this is the place to look

There’s bound to be a title posted here one day
that you’ll be sure to really dig…so we hope you’ll stay
with Frosty the bookman, who’s reading all the time
and the merry elves say
he’s outta control
with the books
we’re giving awaaaaaaaaay!

By now, you’ve figured out how this works. But in case you’re just now discovering us, here’s what you do. To enter today’s drawing, leave a comment on today’s blog. Please include your email address in the comment fill-out form (we’ll see it in the back but nobody else will. SWEAR!) but do NOT put it in the comment body because holiday hater spam-bots might see it and totally steal it and spread it all over the intertoobz.

Tucker is about to stock up on the ready-made stash. The elves discovered this flavor this year...
Tucker is about to stock up on the ready-made stash. The elves discovered this flavor this year…

That’s it. Easy-peasy. Leave a comment. But please, friends, one entry per person per day. Share the luv.

Authors, if you’re listed today, please don’t enter. Because that would be weird and/or actually boring if you won your own book. I mean, the point here is for others to read your book. You’ve already read it at least once, after all.

The drawing closes at 10 PM EST US (here’s your handy world clock). We draw names soon thereafter and notify, as well. We’ll also post the winners on the blog, so if you see your name on the blog but you haven’t gotten an email, check your spam filter. We don’t match winners to books. In other words, the first person we draw gets the first book listed, the second the second book, and so on. Keeps us almost sane back here.

NOTE: Print is specified for the country author will ship to. If there is no specification, the author will ship anywhere.

And now, my pretties, your most glorious offerings for today! Have fun!

LINDA NORTHWinner Glenda Poulter

Linda is offering an ebook copy of her novel Deep Merge, in which a geneticist from an all-female species who loses her mate, and her mate was vital in piloting the starship. She’ll need a human woman to help, but she has an aversion to them. Can she overcome it to perform the deep merge necessary to guide her ship to Earth? Win it and find out!


SPECIAL PRIZE ALERT! Winner gets a T-shirt and autographed copy of award-winning D. Jackson’s forthcoming Dragon Horse War: The Calling (February). Don’t worry, she’ll make sure you get it! Paperback (U.S.). It’s a spec fic departure from her usual, but don’t let that freak you out. If it’s D. Jackson, it’s bound to be fab.

S.Y. THOMPSONWinner Margaret

3-PACK ALERT! Goldie winner S.Y. Thompson is offering winner’s choice ebooks of any three of her titles. Will it be the sci fi Goldie winner, Destination Alara? Or perhaps one of her thrillers, like Now You See Me? Or maybe her paranormal shapeshifter novels like Under the Midnight Cloak? Hope you win to sample all three.

MB PANICHIWinner cheryll

2-PACK alert! MB is offering a copy of her Goldie winning Saving Morgan and the follow-up, Running Toward Home. Join Earth Guard special agent Shaine Wendt on her galactic adventures with long-lost heiress Morgan Rahn. Winner’s choice, ebook or paperback (U.S.)


2-PACK ALERT! Cathy Pegau is offering an ebook copy of her Goldie-winning Deep Deception and an ebook copy of Rulebreaker. Journey to Nevarro and join Cathy’s characters in adventure and romance.


2-PACK ALERT! Sandra is offering a copy of Face of the Enemy, in which Helena Drayback, a cocky military brat goes head to head with Jordan Bowers, the daughter of a high-ranking ambassador. Both want to be top pilots at a Terran military space station. But when Novans declare war, they’re going to have to figure out how to get along. In Blood of a Traitor, Kay is the sole Terran genetic experiment in a Novan Marine outfit, and her life is a never-ending conflict. But when her Novan ship comes under attack by unknown parties, she’s faced with a lot more than that. Sandra is offering paperback, U.S. only.


3-PACK ALERT! Andi is offering a lucky winner the first 3 books in her Far Seek Chronicles. Join Torri Rendego and the crew of the Far Seek as they engage in black markets, dark ties, and avoiding the hated Coalition forces: Goldie finalist Friends in High Places, Goldie finalist and Rainbow winner A Matter of Blood, and Goldie finalist The Edge of Rebellion. Paperback (U.S.) or ebook.

TANAI WALKERWinner Krystal Jordan

Tinsley Swann is beast-cursed. Every seven years, she shifts for seven days, so she keeps her distance from people but as the time of her transformation approaches, she’s torn between two women, and must choose not only between them, but ultimately two factions struggling to either save or destroy the world. Tanai is offering an ebook copy to a winner to find out what happens!


3-PACK ALERT! Goldie finalist and Rainbow-winning author Wright is putting up the first 3 books in her Pyramid series. Join Katya Nar Umbriel in her quest to protect the royal Umbriel line’s deepest secret: they’re part Fiend. Add to the mix a bookish young woman who comes to court only to study law. Until a rakish young Umbriel catches her eye. Join the fray and the saga with The Pyramid Waltz, For Want of a Fiend, and A Kingdom Lost. Ebooks.

MARIE CASTLEWinner Shelley Marra

2-PACK ALERT! Lambda finalist Marie Castle is offering ebooks of Hell’s Belle and The Devil You Know. Cate Delancey is a mortal witch who doesn’t want to follow in her mother’s footsteps as enforcer for the Council of Supernatural Beings. She’ll just open up her own agency, take human clients, and settle in. Until a detective for the Council shows up. A very sexy, very immortal detective. Win this and find out what happens!

JESS FARADAYWinners jenniwelch14(paperback) & Ashley (ebook)

2 WINNERS ALERT! Rainbow runner-up Jess Faraday is offering 2 copies of her steampunkish paranormal tale set in 1820s alt-Paris, where disease and paranormalism has ravaged the city. The police department and Bureau of Supernatural Investigations is practically gone, with the exception of chief inspector Elise Corbeau. When a charismatic cult leader is kidnapped, suspicion falls on Elise’s ex, inventor Maria Kalderash. And the more Elise digs, the more things point to the police. Can she solve this and not get killed? Read it and see! 1 copy print (U.S.), 1 ebook.


  1. Since I’ve missed the other days due to illness, I’m glad I got in on this one. Looks like fabulous books and some I’ve really, really wanted to read! Thanks for doing this!
    Big hugs, Kara


  2. I’m in the mood for reading….simply because there’s a book near…funny but when there’s a book near…I’m in the mood for reading.


  3. Merry Christmas to us!!! What a great line up today. Baileys and Cream for me Tucker can have the Egg Nog. Lol.


  4. What a surprise to find out I won yesterday. Thanks to all the Elves and the GREAT authors for their hard work and Great books. Count me in for today.


  5. Cool group of books today, including a few that are on my to buy list! Thank you again and happy day 5!


  6. Love all these Authors and have been a avid supporter of ALL Lesbian Authors throughout the year. I will continue to support all of you in your chosen profession. With much respect Happy Holidays.


  7. I already have Destination Alara, which might I add is an incredible book. This contest is a veritable font of amusement, you know.


  8. Hey.. no way. Luv the Hootenanny festivities! And uhh. As sure as the goddess in/around us can be, she’s so looking forward to the Solstice! The elves approve and have already mentioned them. Hahaha.. or was it hohoho. I’ll save the Dutch egg nog recipe for tomorrow. Hugs for all of you, making this truly wonderful sharing event possible.


  9. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care. It’s now hootenanny day five, and return I do dare, with hopes of winning others which I will share!
    Cheers and Luck to All!!


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    We’re not even done yet! Go check out Women & Words DAY 5 of the hootenanny! We’re all about getting some amazing authors into our tribe ladies! Sorry – no toaster ovens….. Just awesome books!


  11. On the fifth day of Christmas Hootenanny gave to me……….? I am very grateful for the opportunity to win a wonderful piece of literature.


  12. PICK ME PICK ME! SPECIAL PRIZE ALERT! Winner gets a T-shirt and autographed copy of award-winning D. Jackson’s forthcoming Dragon Horse War: The Calling (February). Don’t worry, she’ll make sure you get it! Paperback (U.S.). It’s a spec fic departure from her usual, but don’t let that freak you out. If it’s D. Jackson, it’s bound to be fab.


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