Hootenanny 2014 – Day 6


Are you still with us?

EXCELLENT! Because it’s only the halfway point! OMG! WE DO THIS FOR TWELVE DAYS, friends. TWELVE. And the party has totally picked up steam. There’s a reindeer rave on the roof, an impromptu hockey match out back on the pond, and the neighbors are totally bringing some mulled wine and mistletoe over. Wait. Mistletoe?

I’m not even going to ask. What happens at Women and Words stays at Women and Words.

We’d also like to extend a big ol’ THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to all the authors and publishers who agreed to participate in this nutso beyond control event. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to share so much luv n’ fun this time of year. And thanks to you, as well, dear readers, for hanging out with us. Without you, after all, we wouldn’t be writing books. So thanks to everybody for participating in this party central.

(hint: “Blue Christmas”)

Well, I’ll read a new book without you
I’ll be okay, it’s not about you
so many titles not read, on a blog just for me
it it’s all the same, dear, I’ll just stay; let me be

And when those elves start drawing
those winners, I’ll be calling
you tonight with my Christmas so bright
adding to my new new new new booklist!

You know the spiel. If you want in on today’s drawing, leave a comment on this here blog. Please help us out and include your email address in the comment fill-out form. Do NOT include it in the comment body because, well, there are total Debbie Downer spam-bots about who are just waiting to suck it right up. The elves see your email in the back and lock it away all safe and sound in the peppermint vault, where it not only is totally secure, but smells kind of awesome, too.

Tucker is either decorating or spying. What happens at Women and Words...
Tucker is either decorating or spying. What happens at Women and Words…

Please, one entry per person per day. Let’s share the holiday luv and holiday cheer. That goes for you, too, authors. If your book is offered today, don’t enter the drawing. Because, like, so not cool to win your own book, y’know?

Drawing closes at 10 PM EST US (here’s your world clock) and we do the drawing right away and notify everybody then post the winners here on the blog. If you see your name posted but you have not received an email from us, check your spam filter.

We do not match winners to specific books. First person drawn gets the first book on the list, second the second, and so on. Otherwise, we’d be totally confused and then the Hootenanny would turn into the Hurtenanny and that just ain’t right.

NOTE: Print is specified for the country author will ship to. If there is no specification, the author will ship anywhere.

And now, my little candy canes. BEHOLD! Day 6!

LORI LAKEWinner Denise

Multiple award-winning author Lori Lake is putting up a copy of her latest novel, the Rainbow Award-winning romantic comedy Eight Dates, which tracks Skylar Cassidy’s hilarious and heartwarming dating thanks to a friend who signed her up for GirlsGaylore.com. Print (U.S.), or ebook.

JOAN OPYR Winner – claire henn

Winner’s choice of any one of her novels: the hilarious mysteries Idaho Code and From Hell to Breakfast, or her most recent, Shaken and Stirred. Print (U.S., From Hell to Breakfast) or ebook.


2-PACK ALERT! One lucky winner! Layce and Saxon are offering up paperback (U.S. only) or ebook of their hilarious romantic comedy More Than a Kiss and the story of a divorce possibly gone wrong in Iowa with a quirky cast of characters, Crazy Little Thing.

ANN MCMAN, SALEM WEST, and BARRETT (and a cast of thousands)Winners Marie Foose, Minna, and Anita Bradshaw

Award-winning author Ann McMan teams up with authors Salem West and Barrett to produce the first June McGee, festival nurse book. June, an RN and iconic media sensation and her trusty boi photographer Roi head to Rehoboth Beach Women’s FEST. Mayhem, hilarity, and a barrel of hijinks ensue. The laughing ladies are offering THREE copies to three lucky winners, choice of paperback or ebook.

FAY JACOBSWinner Chris

Fay Jacobs is back with the final chapter of the Rehoboth Beach Frying series! Need a good belly laugh? Fay’s your gal. She’s hooking a winner up with a paperback copy (U.S.).


Lorraine is offering an ebook of her irreverent, quirky, crazy “you can’t make this stuff up” reflections and stories on coming out late, life, love, and whatever else crosses her field of vision. Hope you win to join her on the romp!

KAREN BADGERWinners Kay AND Patty Anderson

Karen joins us this year as not only an author, but also the owner of Badger Bliss Books. And this year, she’s putting up TWO books, one for each of two lucky winners, and that’s winner’s choice from the Badger Bliss site. Will it be Karen’s speculative fiction? Her romance? Or her funny and bittersweet Commitment series? If you win, you’ll get to decide. Ebooks.

BETH BURNETTWinner Abbey Seney

Beth is offering an ebook copy of her latest, The Love Sucks Club. Follow Dana McComb to a Caribbean island as she tries to get past heartbreak and loss. She and a friend form the “love sucks club,” but when a new woman shows up on the island of misfits, Dana has to confront love and loss. Win it and find out what happens!

CLARE LYDON Winner Christiane

Clare is offering a winner’s choice of either her Rainbow runner-up The Long Weekend (join a group of friends for intrigue, romance, heartache, and humor) or a copy of her London Calling, in which our heroine Jess Sharp is at a crossroads. And it’s littered with the ghosts of exes past, her best friend’s wedding and maybe a bit too much tequila. Print (UK) or ebook.



  1. The odds don’t seem to be with me when I miss it by ten minutes like I did last night. UGH.. Oh well this is fun anyway.


  2. So many books. Even if I don’t win anything I’m going to have to extend my wish list, because one way or another, I will get some of these!


  3. Sosososo fabulous to be a part of this! I promised you a recipe for Dutch egg nog yesterday.. Out of curiosity I googled “recipe homemade Advocaat (=eggnog in Dutch) and found quite a lot recipes for it in English. Don’t believe the ones that have Vodka in’m though!! My grandma used to have one advocaatje with whipped cream every sunday so consumption isn’t limited to the holidays! And don’t forget.. it has to be very very thick because you eat with a spoon 🙂


  4. Trying my luck again for Day 6. It’s really great to see so much lesbian fiction out there to choose from. Wish I had more time to read it! May this abundance continue in perpetuity! 🙂 Thanks again.


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    Hit the link, read the blog and you have a chance to win BIG – Women and Words – we’re all crazy up in here with the drunken elves and all…. And what’s this I hear about a Reindeer Rave? Daaaang….
    We all love to laugh right? With or without spirits – of the alcohol variety…. LOL


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