Hootenanny 2014 – Day 8


Sweet jumpin’ jellybeans, my Hootenanny-goers! Here we are on Day 8 and the livin’ is cray-cray! I could build a fortress of solitude with the pizza boxes and have enough left over to buttress my snow fort, which the elves have totally taken over. They and the reindeer use it for their epic snowball fights, which usually end up with piles of elves laughing really hard and reindeer stampeding through the yard, barely avoiding those giant inflatable snowmen. The elves were all about those this year.

Tucker went out on yet another supply run and met up with a bunch of friends who stopped by and helped mail some books out. That Tucker. He’s kind of a player. But remember, what happens at Women and Words stays at Women and Words.

One hopes, anyway…

Hey, THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the authors and publishers who graciously donated this year. We’re always so humbled by the willingness to participate and the generosity of all involved. You’ve really helped brighten the holidays for a lot of people, and that’s what we’re all about up in here. Sharin’ the luv.

(hint: “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” [heh…prolly obvious, though]

Tucker got all stepped on by a reindeer
dancing ’round the tree on Christmas Eve
he was stacking all the books up
for the awesome Hootenanneee

He’d had a little too much egg nog
and the reindeer really didn’t know
that he was totally underfoot
and got all tangled in a bright red bow

When we finally got him
free of all the cloth
there was a hoofprint on his backside
and ‘nog stains on his socks

‘Cuz Tucker got all stepped on by a reindeer
messing with these books at the Hootenanny
he was getting them all ready
for everybody here to read!

Here’re are the particulars, friends. If you’d like in on today’s drawing, leave a comment on this here blog. Please provide your email address in the comment fill-out form, but DON’T PUT IT IN THE COMMENT BODY because SPAMBOTS! They are a thing!

Tucker's new friends, coming over for the Hootenanny.
Tucker’s new friends, coming over for the Hootenanny.

And remember, we’re all about sharing the luuuuuv here, so please. One entry per person per day. Authors, if you’re up today, please don’t enter the drawing. So not right to win your own book, after all.

Drawing closes at 10 PM EST US (LOOK! Fancy world clock link HERE!) and the elves get right to work after that. We’ll notify winners and post the names here. If you see your name on the blog but you haven’t gotten an email from us yet, check your spam filter.

The elves don’t match books to winners. That’s just too confusing and you know, we’re all overcome back here by peppermint fumes anyway, so the less confusion, the better. Books go to people in the order they’re drawn. First name gets the first, second the second, and so on.

NOTE: Print is specified for the country author will ship to. If there is no specification, the author will ship anywhere.

Got it? Awesome. Let’s go take a gander at Day 8 offerings!

LYNN AMESWinner Devlyn

2-PACK ALERT! You know her. You love her work. And if you don’t, here’s your chance to get acquainted. Multiple Goldie-winning Lynn is offering a winner’s choice of one of the following 2-packs. Historical: Eyes on the Stars and Bright Lights of Summer OR thriller: Beyond Instinct and Above Reproach. Print (U.S. only) or ebook.

CLARE ASHTONWinner Cris Perez

Goldie-winning Clare Ashton is offering a copy of That Certain Something. Can working-class photographer Pia build a fire with high-class elegant Cate? Because Cate is adamant that her perfect night is an expensive one. Pia takes the challenge, with a summer night’s help, she sets out to charm Cate. Paperback.

MELISSA BRAYDEN Winner Valerie weaver

Goldie-winning Melissa Brayden is offering winner’s choice from her books, including her latest Kiss the Girl. Two women. Hot date. But then they discover they’re actually competitors in advertising. Uh-oh. Will sparks fly? Win it and find out! Paperback (U.S.) or ebook.


YA author Barb Clanton is offering a winner’s choice of any of her novels. Would you like to try the “world series” of YA novels? Barb’s Clarksonville series follows the teen angst and loves of young softball players. Or what about Art for Art’s Sake, in which high school senior is a social outcast whose family just moved to a new place. Shy and withdrawn and with a younger brother with Down Syndrome, she’s seen as a weirdo. So why is Dani Lassiter, senior class president and captain of the lacrosse team, suddenly trying to befriend her? Pick it and see! Or pick any one of her other fab YA novels and experience, again, young love and teen crazy, both tender and bittersweet. Ebook.

JAE Winner Betty Phillips

Multiple award winner Jae is offering a copy of any one of her ebooks to a lucky winner. Will you dig into her romance? Maybe paranormal? Historical fiction? Jae’s got you covered. Hope you win!

PAT CRONINWinner Robin Hayes

2-PACK ALERT! Pat is putting up copies of two novels for one lucky winner! Souls’ Rescue, which puts firefighter and paramedic Kelly McCoy and insurance adjuster Talia Stoddard into a situation that’s got danger all over it. Can Kelly help Talia? Can they heal their past wounds? And in Better Together, Mac accompanies Kristy, her ill best friend to Paris, which is on her best friend’s bucket list. While there, Mac meets Lenie, a friend of Kristy’s. Is love in the air? Or will the challenges that face Mac when she returns to the U.S. derail it? If you win, you’ll see. Print or ebook.

T.T. THOMASWinners ChrisA, Karen C, and sreylonn

THREE WINNERS ALERT! What if Queen Victoria had a niece? Who was next in line to the British throne? But that niece headed off to Africa during the Boer War? And what if she had a little bit of Magick and maybe a little bit of interest in finding a fellow named Jack? Who might not actually be “Jack” and instead might be something else entirely? Hmm. Want to know what happens? Well, THREE WINNERS WILL! T.T. is offering 2 ebooks and 1 print (U.S.) version.

KIM BALDWINWinner ShannonB

Multiple award-winning (Lambda, Goldie, Rainbow) author Kim Baldwin is offering a copy of her latest romance on the edge of your seats, Taken By Storm. Avalanche. Train wreck. Two women on the team that goes for help. Win it and find out what happens. Paperback (U.S.) or ebook.

ANNE LAUGHLINWinner corikane

Goldie winner Anne Laughlin joins us with a copy of her latest to a lucky winner, The Acquittal, in which ex-Chicago cop-turned-PI Josie Wade is hired to clear the name of publisher Lauren Wade, who was recently acquitted of the murder of her lover. But Lauren’s not ready to be helped, especially when her parents are kidnapped and held for ransom. So Josie and Lauren join forces to find her parents and discover they make a good team. Maybe in more ways than one…Hope you win it to find out what happens! Print (U.S.) or ebook.

REGINA HANELWinners leslie evans and Sandy Rice

TWO WINNERS ALERT! The first winner will receive a copy of Regina’s Love Another Day (grieving, loner park ranger meets photojournalist…what could go wrong? Or right?) and the second winner will receive a copy of White Dragon (the follow-up to Love Another Day). Paperback (U.S.) or ebook.


  1. Okay, I already own three of the offered books, but, hey I could always give them as presents if I win ’em. Count me in!


  2. I’m here again! If I don’t win I’m still learning of authors and titles to fuel my reading in 2015! Thanks to the authors, elves and reindeer.


    • Oh, man. That totally bums us out in the back. Tucker’s one of the hardest working merry elves we’ve got. Now, perhaps you’ve mistaken him for his distant cousin Jack, who is absolutely the red sheep of the family: CLICK. Although poor Tucker’s family has a lot of red sheep…CLICK.


      • Tucker needs to enter the witness protection program & become a former elf, with relatives like these!


  3. Entering for Day 8. HOpe I’ll received good news earlier than late(er)! OK, OK, cheesy rhyme, but this lesfic fan loves her some lesfic books!


  4. *jumps up and down* Ooooh, oooh, oooh,, pick me. Pick me. Lets see if a little hopping will help me today.


  5. Hootenanny Day 8….Wow, seems the fun is flying by. Throwing my name into the hat and hoping to win more stocking stuffers! Good luck to all!


  6. Buenas tardes amigas! After a day full of family festivities with sisters and mum another great fiesta to participate in! I love the number 8. So glad I found you in the vast space of the internet. Thank you!


  7. It seems I hurt my foot today, so not sure how lucky I’m gonna be but I will try again! If it’s ok to win again. Thank you for choosing me yesterday! ๐Ÿ™‚


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