Hootenanny 2014 – Day 9


The party don’t stop, no it sure don’t stop, not even when we get there! WELCOME, friends, family, freaks, frolickers, festive sorts to DAY 9! We don’t really take breathers around here. The elves are nonstop over the top because the Hootenanny is all about sharing the luuuuv, sharing the fun, sharing the awesome.

Speaking of, Tucker’s friends thought they’d bob for apples, but the reindeer started eating them (the apples. Not the friends.) which totally put a damper on that activity, but not to worry! The elves moved quickly to s’mores outside and before you know it, they had a conga line and then the reindeer helped out with a limbo pole (now THERE’S a sight you don’t see every day).

And isn’t that just the best reason to hang around? Well, that and all the authors and publishers who have donated books to our crazy holiday extravaganza! Thanks to all of you, who help us make this event possible. Thanks for helping us share the luv!

And speaking of luv, pretty sure the neighbor’s cow has a crush on Donner. Viva Women and Words.

(hint: “Holly Jolly Christmas”)

Have a crazy nutty bookfest
it’s the best time of the year
the elves don’t care if there’ll be snow
neither do the reindeer
have a crazy nutty bookfest
the elves dance down the street
with tons of books galore
cuz reading can’t be beat!

Oh no
the mistletoe
fell behind the tree
somebody wants a book
they’re here for all to see
so have a crazy nutty bookfest
it’s a party over here
holy moly
have a crazy
nutty bookfest, the best time of the year!

The deets: If you want in on today’s drawing, leave a comment below. Make sure you provide your email address in the comment fill-out form, but NOT in the comment body (the elves are on high alert for the nasty anti-holiday spambots that slither around the web gathering unsuspecting email addresses). We see it in the back, but nobody else does. FOR REALZ.

Tucker is totally busted on nutcrakr trying to get his swerve on.
Tucker is totally busted on nutcrakr trying to get his swerve on.

And in keeping with our sharing of the luv, please. One entry per person per day. And authors, if you’re up today, please don’t enter the drawing. Not special to win your own book, after all.

We close the drawing at 10 PM EST US (world clock linkie) after which the elves crank up said drawing. We notify people and post the names on the blog. If you see your name listed here but you didn’t get an email from us, check your spam filter.

Also, we don’t match books to winners. Because we are already barely keeping tinsel from exploding out of our heads, and to try to do that is way too confusing. The first winner drawn gets the first book, the second the second, and so on. Keeps it less confusing for us.

NOTE: Print is specified for the country author will ship to. If there is no specification, the author will ship anywhere.

Ready, little sleighbells? Okay! Here is your day 9 grooviness:

LYNETTE MAEWinner S. Harris

Lambda finalist Lynette Mae brings you her latest, Rebound. Women’s basketball Connor Maguire is at the top of her game, in all senses of the word. But an accident on the court changes everything, and Connor has to re-think all aspects of her life. Military veteran Shawn Tyler might be able to help, but Connor has to let her. Will she? Win it and find out! Ebook.

HARPER BLISSWinners Debbie and Melanie H

2 WINNER ALERT! Harper is offering 2 ebook copies of her latest, At the Water’s Edge, one to each of two winners. Ella Goodman returns to her home town in Oregon to heal after a traumatic event. She’s holed up in the family cabin at the West Waters Resort, where she meets the resort’s owner, the grounded Kay Brody. But Ella’s come here to heal, and that can be a lot more confrontational and painful than she imagined. Will she be ready for the kind of healing love might bring? Win and find out!

BEV PRESCOTT – Winner April Allred

Set against the world of Maine lobstermen and women, Bev’s latest explores life, family, and the role and culture of guns through Meghan, who works at a diner to be close to her aging, cantankerous father, though the house isn’t really big enough for them and Meghan’s partner. She also takes in her ex-con brother, who swears he’s getting his life together. But he unwittingly brings trouble. Print (U.S.) or ebook.

DEJAYWinner Candy Powell

3-PACK ALERT! Dejay is offering ebook copies of all three of her novels to one lucky winner! Join her in her unflinching looks at life, the trouble that can come, and how people cope and survive. Redemption, Strangers, Sisters. In Sisters, the latest, the lives of three very different women intertwine amidst surprises, heartache, and pain. Is there enough love to salvage the relationships? Win and find out.

MALA KUMARWinner jess2380

Mala Kumar is offering one copy of her debut novel. Three generations of Indian women confront life, love, and each other in The Paths of Marriage. From a traditional grandmother who immigrates to the U.S. and forces her daughter into an arranged marriage to her granddaughter, an out lesbian, find out whether the family can weather the storms. Paperback (U.S. and Canada), or ebook.


Award-winning author Clifford Henderson offers her latest in ebook, Rest Home Runaways. Baby Boomer Morgan Ronzio is already dealing with a troubled marriage when she gets the call that her octogenarian dad has stolen a car and bailed from the rest home. Before Morgan can alert her wife, a group of seniors steals the rest home van to rescue Morgan’s dad, who, Morgan knows, is probably taking orders from his wife’s ghost to make good on a promise. Morgan hits the road, too, go find her dad, but her journey isn’t just physical.

JANE HOPPENWinner Kfemme

Sophie Schimdt was born intersex. But it was 1963, and surgery turned her into a girl. At fourteen, she learns the truth about her birth, and she embarks on a journey to find out more about herself and to see if there are others like her. In New York City, she finds an LGBT community, and she also finds Alice. But has Sophie found enough of herself to be open to possibility? Win it and see! Lambda finalist Jane Hoppen is putting up an ebook copy.

KARELIA STETZ-WATERS – Winners turtlex,ย Sarah Kerry,

2 WINNERS ALERT! Karelia is offering 2 winners a choice of one of her three novels. Forgive Me if I’ve Told You This Before (YA), set in the ’90s against the backdrop of Oregon’s viciously anti-gay Ballot Measure 9 proposition, the story follows Trinu, the daughter of an Estonian immigrant, and her coming of age amidst bullying and anti-LGBT sentiment (NOTE: if on the off-chance someone in Estonia wins this book, Karelia will ship print there). OR choose from Karelia’s thrillers: The Admirer or The Purveyor. Print (US, UK, and Estonia for Forgive Me) or ebook.

SANDRA MORAN – Winner Petra

Multiple award-winning author Sandra Moran is offering a winner’s choice of ebooks: Either Letters Never Sent (a daughter discovers her estranged mother’s letters after the latter has died, and discovers a whole lot else about her) OR Nudge (a lifelong atheist finds herself writing and marketing a comprehensive addition to the world’s religious texts, but nothing is as it seems about this project).

STEVIE CARROLL – Winner Sharon Clark

2-PACK ALERT! Join UK-based author Stevie Carroll on A Series of Ordinary Adventures, her short story collection starring a plethora of characters whose everyday lives can become something else indeed. AND the Tea and Crumpet collection, which includes Stevie as well as other UK-based authors in explorations of what it means to be British and LGBTQ. Print.


Rrrose is offering a winner’s choice of any of her short story or poetry collections, exploring timeless love, wild erotic adventures, sweet romance, and everything in between. Print (U.S.) or ebook.

RJ SAMUEL -Winner bdizzy39

4-PACK ALERT! You read that right. FOUR ebooks from RJ Samuel, whose plots skirt the edges of thriller, mystery, murder, and romance. A lucky winner gets Heart Stopper, Falling Colours, Casting Shadows, and A Place Somewhere.


  1. Love the song today, Andi! Big thanks to you, Jove and of course, Tucker! This is so appreciated! Very big hugs, k


  2. Excellent lineup of some favourite authors of mine. Thanks for all your hard work elves. Now go start drinking in earnest so you can come up with the Day 10 lyrics. ๐Ÿ˜„


  3. Sign me up! I’m loving just reading all the book descriptions, getting new ideas of what to read this winter :).


  4. I feel lucky today. The hootenanny is fun whether you win or lose. I’ve gotten turned on to many new books to read. Thanks!


  5. Yes please. I’ve just added about 4 of these books to my amazon wish list this last week. So please count me in xx


  6. Abfab! Elves, a conga line, reindeers AND a lot of authors I don’t know yet!
    Will definitely check them out! Another fabulastic Hootenanny day.


  7. Me! Me! I want to win the 4 pack… If past winners are allowed. I hurt my foot yesterday and then was sent home from work due to liabilities… I made it there… I could have worked. Oh, well. Hope I can win again! ๐Ÿ™‚


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    Day 9 – and Women & Words is STILL giving away free books! There seems to be no limit to the generosity of the authors and publishers!
    And that’s a very good thing for YOU! Go enter!


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