Hootenanny 2014 – Day 11


GRACIOUS ME, my partridges in a pear tree! Here we are on Day 11 already! Have you been having the bestest of times EVER? Are you jamming to the songs? Dancing around the room with the elves in spirit? Hanging out with the reindeer? We hope so, because that’s what this is all about. Fellowship and fun.

This place is a total wreck. Every year, we try not to get too uptight about it, but seriously. We can’t find the books with all the tinsel everywhere and the elves strung a bunch of lights all over the reindeer’s antlers, which caused all manner of crazy in the living room. We’ve taken to spiking our own egg nog with things stronger than peppermint, but we’re pretty sure the elves are on to that because the bottle is suspiciously low. Good thing the elves metabolize pretty quickly.

Tucker scored some candy canes the reindeer haven't eaten.
Tucker scored some candy canes the reindeer haven’t eaten.

Things always pick up toward the last days, because we want to keep the energy rockin’ and rollin’ so that you finish the year all warm and fuzzy and feeling groovy. So as tired as we are, we’re total book junkies, so we don’t even mind that we’re running on peppermint fumes back here.

Once again, let us extend a GIANT MASSIVE OVER THE TOP THANK YOU to all the authors and publishers who participated in our extravaganza this year. We greatly appreciate your generosity, which was truly amazing to see. THANK YOU THANK YOU A THOUSAND TIMES THANK YOU. And thanks to all of you who participated in the drawings and have been sticking it out to the end. You’re the reason we all do what we do, and we hope that this token of our appreciation lets you know how much you rock.

(hint: “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”)

Tucker the red-dressed shelf elf
partied all the live long time
he’s loving all the books here
so many it’s nearly a crime

All of the other merry elves
think he’s got it goin’ on
he’s trying to keep these books
organized before they’re gone

every single Hootenanny night
Tucker stays up late
with his list of all the books
he doesn’t want to make you wait

cuz this holiday fun is here
and it’s all about the books
Tucker the red-dressed shelf elf
is sad cuz he thought it was his looks

ALL RIGHTIE! DEETS! If you’d like to be in on today’s drawing, leave a comment on this blog. Make sure you include your email address in the comment fill-out form but don’t put it in the comment body. The nasty spam-bots of anti-Christmases past would love to have your email address and spread it everywhere, but we here at Women and Words would not.

And darlings, please share the luv. ONE entry per day per person. Authors, if you’re up today, please don’t enter today’s drawing. You probably have plenty of copies of your own books, after all.

The drawing closes at 10 PM EST US (handy world clock) at which point the elves get right to work. We notify winners and post their names here, so if you see your name here but you haven’t received an email from us, check your spam filter.

The elves don’t match books to winners, so the first person drawn gets the first book, the second the second, and so on. It’s crazy enough here without the added confusion of people trying to sign up for different books.

NOTE: Print is specified for the country author will ship to. If there is no specification, the author will ship anywhere.

Very well. Let us now go feast our eyes on Day 11 offerings!

FIONA ZEDDEWinner trogg1845

Fiona is offering winner’s choice of any of her words. Perhaps the sexy, sultry When She Says Yes collection is to your liking? Or perhaps Les Tales? Or maybe Broken in Soft Places? Or Fiona’s vampire novel, Desire at Dawn? Your choice! Print (U.S.).


3-PACK ALERT! Lambda winner Sacchi is putting up 3 anthologies for 1 one winner (but if a winner already has one, Sacchi’s giving the option to pick something different of hers). So join her in her edited and smokin’ hot anthologies: Girl Crazy, Wild Girls, Wild Nights, and Girl Fever. SSSSSSSizzle! Paperback (U.S.)

Q KELLY Winner Clare

Q Kelly is offering a choice. One ebook copy of her novel Reality Lesbian, where Lucy’s gay best friend volunteers her for a lesbian dating show, even though Lucy’s straight. So what? She needs the media connections. And then she meets Zara… OR ebooks of 3 of Q’s novellas: The Girl Prince and Her Princess, Love’s Spell, and One Hour.

K’ANNE MEINELWinner S. Harris

2-PACK ALERT! K’Anne is offering one winner a choice of any one of her novels AND any one of her novellas, ebook format. Will you pick her latest novel, Ships, about a straight woman who falls for a lesbian? Or perhaps Long Distance Love, in which two women meet unexpectedly, but they live in different parts of the world. Can they make it work? As for novellas, how about Kept? Or perhaps Ghostly Love? Hit the links to see the complete list of K’Anne’s novels and novellas.


3-PACK ALERT! Rainbow winner Karis is offering ebook copies of three of her novels to 1 lucky winner! Those include Sea Glass Inn, Mounting Danger, and Harmony. Join Karis’s characters in romance and all the intrigue, fun, and foible that can bring.


Rhavensfyre are offering their complete Chase and Rowan series to 1 winner! A chance meeting when Rowan answers an ad for a horse transport can lead to a lot more. If you win this, you’ll find out what. Paper (U.S.) or ebook.


Laurie is offering a winner’s choice of two of her novels, ebook format. Will it be Right Out of Nowhere, which puts a prickly loner in contact with another woman on the same search-and-rescue team? Or perhaps A Kiss Before Dawn? If you win, you decide!

GEORGIA BEERSWinner Sandra Meier

2-PACK ALERT! Georgia (you know her! You love her! You want to read her stuff!) is offering a copy of Snow Globe, in which a woman dumped by her girlfriend two weeks before her wedding goes on the honeymoon anyway, to an LGBT resort in south Florida, where she might be able to get her mind off what happened. Also, Georgia will hook you up with a copy of her forthcoming Zero Visibility. A promising young skier ends up losing her dream on the slopes, but life has a way of taking you where you might need to go. Hope you win to find out where. Paperback (U.S.) or ebook. (NOTE: Zero Visibility will be out the end of January and Georgia will hook you up then.)

JOVE BELLEWinner Karen Wales

3-PACK ALERT! Jove is offering any 3 of her novels to one winner! Will it be her latest, The Job, in which FBI agent Sera Warren ends up in the middle of a bank heist pointing a gun at her ex-girlfriend? Maybe Love and Devotion? Or how about Chaps? Or any of the other novels she’s got going on? Hit her website link above to choose. Paperback (U.S.) or ebook.


2-PACK ALERT! Chris is offering a winner’s choice of any 2 of her books to one lucky winner! Perhaps her brand new release, To Love Free, in which world-renowned artist Madison can’t get over her beloved wife and muse, who lost her battle with cancer. She and her daughter live a quiet life in Islamorada, Florida. And then supermodel Gabrielle shows up, leaving a floundering relationship behind to do the last of her chemotherapy in Florida. Her prognosis is excellent, but is either ready to love free again? Pick it and see! Or choose any others of Chris’s books. Remember, pick two! Print (U.S.) or ebook.


Rainbow winner Rebekah is offering an ebook copy of her latest, Treasure. Alexis has had a crappy year, but at least her sister’s bachelorette party was good. And so was Treasure, the stripper. Who has finally saved enough money and credits to go to a four-year university where she ends up in a class with Alexis. Will sparks fly? Win it and find out.

KG MacGREGORWinner hiddenwatson

Allyn Teague’s wife leaves her and Seattle for another woman. Struggling through the heartache, she catches the eye of Bea Lawson, also dealing with her own pain. Can they get beyond their own pasts to embrace a future? Win it and find out. Alice B. award winner KG is offering paperback (U.S.) or ebook.

DENA HANKINSWinner Tammy Abraham

Dena is offering a copy of her first novel, Blue Water Dreams, starring writer/editor Lania Marchiol, who totally wasn’t looking for any kind of love. Because somewhere out there was the boat that would take her around the world and serve as her home away from land. And then she runs into handsome and charming filmmaker and transman Oly Rassmussen, who sets her off-course. Can they make it work? If you win, you’ll find out! Paperback (U.S.) or ebook.


Join chef R.G. Emanuelle and sous chef Andi Marquette in the buffet of lesbian romance and erotica. Contributing authors include Andi and R.G., Ashley Bartlett, Cheri Crystal, Rebekah Weatherspoon, Historia, Jae, Karis Walsh, Victoria Oldham, Jove Belle, Yvonne Heidt, Cheyenne Blue, and Sacchi Green. Food is sexy. Print (U.S.) or ebook.


  1. I can’t believe it’s almost over. I always look forward to this every year. Thank you for making the 12 days of Christmas so fun.


  2. Hootenanny, Hootenanny, Hootenanny, Rah, Rah, Rah!!!!!! Count me in. And, hey aren’t you and the elves up early this Monday morning!


    • Abbey, did you get my email about winning Beth Burnett’s latest? Hopefully that’s helping a little bit. Or, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, can you check your spam filter?


  3. Day 11 and entry 11 of my very first HOOTENANNY. Love the energy that’s being spread here! (Is that even English..) Anyway you catch my drift. Always very busy workwise at the end of the year here so it’s quite wonderful to encounter some elves, reindeers and new authors/publishers during my break. Dankjulliewel! Thank you! Gracias! You’re awe-inspiring!


  4. You guys are so creative with all the songs and everything else. Thank you so much for doing this. It’s been so much fun. Gosh I remember reading snow globe awhile ago looks like I will have to re read it since it is the season for it lol. Whohoo! Happy party day!. πŸ™‚ Juli


  5. Layne Beckman book contest day 11 would like to be considered for one and all please Thx [EMAIL REMOVED TO PROTECT FROM SPAMBOTS] OR [EMAIL REMOVED TO PROTECT FROM SPAMBOTS]

    YAHOO IS ACTING ODD SAYING ITS GOING TO CONVERT TO SOME THING ELSE SOON <–Women and Words has no idea what this means.


  6. Thank you to all the authors participating and helping make our Christmas.
    K’Anne said I need to read hers to help me write intimacy scenes but I won’t turn down any of the authors. I’m a rabid reader
    Thanx again


  7. I think your hootenanny has spilled out over here because there’s an elf bungee jumping from the ceiling fan and I think she did something odd to my cat because she seems traumatized. Hoping she’ll disappear soon because I’m a little weirded out by her–the elf not the cat, and also hoping to win another, especially the Jove Bell books, because that bank heist sounds like it’s right up my alley. Please, please, please?!


  8. Thank you for another amazing year of this giving. It is so amazing how many authors and people it takes to pull this together. I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday πŸ™‚ thanks so much for the chance to win!


  9. Snowglobe looked interesting… As did the others but I’m in a Holiday story mood right now. πŸ˜ƒ


  10. Just introduced to K’Anne Meinel’s work recently. Would love a chance to read more of hers or any of these authors. Count me in please!! πŸ˜€


  11. Wow!! Im definitely in please. This is the best line up so far in my opinion. But I’m a sucker for romance books so that probable explains it. Good luck guys xx


  12. Thank you all for the work you put into this whole hootenanny thang…. πŸ˜ƒ the books are fab and so are all of you at women and words!!


  13. Happy Holidays, Tucker, you cute little _ucker! (You fill in the blank, Tucker…if you choose my name for a win, use an “L” but if you don’t, well, another consonant will have to do!!!) πŸ˜‡πŸ‘Ώ


  14. Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Hootenanny Day 11 and I’m in heaven for this lineup of reads. Exciting stuff!!
    Santa, I really have been extra good!! πŸ˜‰


  15. Yes, indeedy, I’m in! Maybe Day 11 will be lucky for me! πŸ™‚ Thanks again, y’all, for putting this wonderful Hootenanny together for all us lesfic fans. You’re gonna need a rest after all that partying with the elves and reindeer.


  16. Thanks again to Andi for your awesome daily dialogues, and to the generosity of the authors for enabling this to happen.

    My reading list is now huge. It’s such an exciting time. I remember many years ago when lesbian books were few and far between…


  17. I really can’t thank all the authors for their generosity and their willingness to allow all us readers to get their books for free. Thanks also to all the elves for all their hard work to put this on every year. Bless you all!!!


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