Coming Attractions, January 2015

Holy book fetishes, Batman. I JUST TYPED 2015 into the title space! 2015!!! Happy new books, everyone! ::fans self as she’s overcome with a case of the vay-puhs from the amazing-ness of it all::

Wow. So it’s been a year of booking and reading and writing and all around awesome-ness. Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Women and Words.

Some housekeeping: Authors and/or publishers, if you’d like to list your books here, drop us a line at the Contact page, above. And readers, if you’re aware of an author or publisher with new releases not listed here, you, too, can drop us a line!

NOTE: We try to post these lists the 2nd or 3rd Friday of the month (December being the exception!), which means we need your info BEFORE THE 2ND FRIDAY OF THE MONTH (hit the “Contact” link at the top of this page). We do, however, maintain a static page of new releases and coming attractions, and we can add you to that any time. Keep in mind that we only have 3 months listed on that static page (present month, upcoming month, and one previous month) so if you published your book in July, it’s not going to make the December list. A November release, however, can. We stop updating these blog posts about a week after they go up, but you can still make the static page, which you can see by clicking the link at the top of this page that says “New Releases…”

And now, darlings, behold. The goodies for the first brand spankin’ new month of 2015!

Erica Lawson, Reflected Passion
Renee MacKenzie, Flight
TJ Vertigo, Reece’s Star

NOTE: Bella appears to have removed its “forthcoming titles” information. We’ll be checking to find out what’s going on.

Kim Baldwin and Xenia Alexiou, One Last Thing
Andrea Bramhall, Swordfish
Anne Laughlin, Sometimes Quickly
L.T. Marie, Beyond the Ridge
Holly Stratimore, Songs Unfinished
PJ Trebelhorn, Up the Ante
MJ Williamz, Speakeasy
Barbara Ann Wright, The Fiend Queen

Paulette George, 199 Steps to Love
Linda M. Vogt, No Thru Road

L.T. Smith, Beginnings (revised and 2nd edition)



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