What are you up to?

Hi, peeps!

Goodness gracious. We’re still in Hootenanny recovery mode. Clearly. Heh.

So here I am, Auntie Andi, wondering what everybody is up to this year with regard to projects. Writers tend to make schedules of upcoming things they’re paying attention to or manuscripts/stories they’re working on. But there’s also life stuff they keep in their sights, too (we’re not all hiding in our writing areas with the blinds drawn living off coffee and chocolate).

So with that in mind, what’s everybody up to this year? Whether you’re a writer, editor, publisher, reader, let us know in the comments. You never know who you’ll meet and be able to network with, right?

That said, here’s my brief “list of 2015 things to do”
1. Finish and publish a romance novel that’s been waiting for me to complete it. Another few chapters and it’ll be done and ready for editing.
2. Finish and publish the fourth in my Far Seek Chronicles.
3. Write and publish moar short stories!
4. Do some other stuff that’s see-krit with regard to writing. LOL
5. Continue working out and taking care of myself. YAY!

As some of you know, I don’t make resolutions. I believe in “evolutions,” and in doing things for the right reasons. That is, because you WANT to and they make you happy. I make plans. I’m pretty good at following through on things I need/want to do, and I’ve been constant in terms of watching my diet and exercising for years, so making tweaks here and there is no big deal for me.

For some of you, maybe a resolution is the way to go, but don’t pressure yourself about it or freak out if you don’t meet your (often huge and massively inflated) expectations regarding certain things you’d like to do or change. Especially if you’re working on lifestyle changes. It’s difficult to make sweeping changes in that regard, so take baby steps. For example, if you’ve not been a regular exerciser type, start small. That is, every day make it a point to walk for 10 minutes at your convenience during the day, every day. Within about 2 weeks it’ll start becoming a habit, so up your time a bit. Go for 15 minutes a day. After a month, shoot for 20 a day. Ultimately, what you’re trying for is about 30 minutes at least 5 times a week. After about 6 months, expand your repertoire. On the weekend, take a little hike with a friend. Walk your dog a little longer in a new place.

What you want to do is establish different habits, and an all-or-nothing approach just doesn’t work for a lot of people. I can easily make changes, but not everybody’s like that and sometimes I’m not, either. So I set small daily/weekly/monthly goals. If it helps, put a chart on your fridge and check off each day that you walk.

From my “evolutions” post 2 years ago:

I personally don’t make “resolutions” because too often, they’re embedded in negative messages we receive from the culture-at-large. I don’t like the packaging of “resolutions” this time of year. Resolving to work out as a new year’s thingie, for example, is often fraught with the baggage we carry as women in our society — we’re too fat, we’re too ugly, our bodies don’t look right, whatever it is. All those crappy little voices ingrained in our heads from all the messages we get from birth on in our cultures, telling you to work out so you’ll somehow “be acceptable.” In other words, we’re resolving to work out, but maybe for the wrong reasons.

My point is, if you resolve to work out regularly this year, do it because you WANT to. Because you want the well-being that comes with a good workout, that you want the wellness, and the mind-body connection that leads you to better and more healthy choices overall. Do it for you, your health, your happiness, and the desire to achieve something that makes you feel even better about yourself.

So rather than resolutions, I like thinking about “evolutions.” That is, things you do that transform you intrinsically, that open you to possibility, that give you new perspectives, and that cause you to want to make better and healthier choices for your mind, body, and spiritual self. Evolutions imply change over time — something that can take a while — and isn’t necessarily a quick fix. A “resolution” strikes me more as that quintessentially unhealthy American “quick fix” approach, where you make a list before the new year of things you just WHAM have to get done and when you don’t get results right away, you lose interest and you’re back to square one. That’s why, I think, so many people who make those working out resolutions quit by February/March. Because they weren’t looking at a more balanced approach to their lives, or they wanted that American “quick fix” and oh, my goodness, everything’s all better now. It doesn’t work that way, people. Worthwhile change is also long-while change, and you’ll have to buck the tides of American culture to achieve it.

Evolutions require a look at the source of the issues, and what might be causing underlying unhealthy patterns. It’s a slow, gentle approach, and not one this culture supports, but I tend to think it’s a good way to go.

At any rate, what’s in the hopper for your projects this year? Inquiring minds! 😀



  1. Hi Andi, My goal this year is to get something published hopefully to a literary magazine that pays, if it doesn’t pay, that’s fine too.  Sincerely,Calliopenjo


  2. Hi Andi! My wife and I are going to GCLS in NOLAN in July, my BFF is getting married in August, and I’m taking my wife on a cruise to Alaska for her 50th birthday. Three days after we return from the cruise, my first novel, New Beginnings will be released by Bold Strokes Books. How’s that for an exciting year? Lol!


    • OMG why am I not invited on this cruise????? LOL CONGRATS to your BFF and to you for your novel! I totally think you need to contact Jove so you can blog about it the month before it drops. 😀


  3. No resolutions from me either, Andi. I do hope to get my first novel published. I also hope to finish the short story I am currently working on. There are several other irons in the fire. Or at least on the back burner. On the health front. aiming to lose another 50 lbs this year using g Weight Watchers excellent program


  4. I don’t usually do resolutions either but if I did I sure wouldn’t announce them at the outset. My partner and I quit smoking two years ago as of Jan.1, without gaining weight! Despite good intentions, I’m a reader and not a writer (except for my journal). I’m a tie-dyer though, and in 2015 I plan to do a festival each month from March through October. This is my 3rd year at it and I suppose I get as much of a thrill seeing people wearing my shirts as writers do seeing their words being published!


    • Congrats on the non-smoking! And have you considered coming down to GCLS in NOLA this year and selling some of your awesome tie-dye? Hey, contact GCLS and see if you can be the official T-shirt lady! WOOOOO!


  5. My goals are:

    1. Finish the manuscript I’m working on because god knows it’s waited long enough.

    2. Maybe write another book, but no pressure on that one. My muse has been fickle as hell.

    3. Epic family road trip this summer.

    4. GCLS in NOLA

    5. Add a few free shorts to my website.

    6. Plus a whole slew of projects around the house and in the yard. Too many to list.


  6. I think your take on resolutions/evolutions is a good one.

    My goals for this year, in the writing world, are to get several projects edited and finished, write more short stories, post more of them online and hopefully improve my writing to the point where I feel it’s good enough for publishing.

    Personally, there are some other goals that I have to accomplish, Lifestyle-type goals. These are the hard ones. Your advice about taking is slow is sensible. Nothing that good is ever achieved overnight.

    Same goes for writing, I suppose. 🙂


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