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In_the_Mean_Time_Cover_for_KindleCongratulations to Fran! She won a copy of In the Mean Time by Ellys Phox!

Happy Saturday everyone! We have a special treat for you this morning. Author Ellys Phox is here to talk about her latest novel, In the Mean Time. And, because she clearly rocks, she’s also giving away a copy.

Want to get in on the awesomeness? Leave a comment below and I’ll draw a winner at random next Friday morning. That’s 1/16/2015 to be precise (and, coincidentally, it’s also my baby’s 8th birthday!)

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Ramblings on Writing
by Ellys Phox

Life inspires art inspires life inspires art inspires…

“In the Mean Time”, my second go at fiction, grew out of numerous life experiences. Here are a few:

Years ago, I did some editing for author, Z Egloff, on several of her books. Ms. Egloff is a wonderful writer of literary fiction. I love great writing, which Z offers in spades, however, much ‘literary fiction’ leaves me wanting more—more story, more plot, more mystery—the stuff most literary fiction leaves for genre writers. I have always loved a good story and that is what I try to write. This experience inspired me to write “In the Mean Time.”

Ruby (the book’s main character) is a card-carrying nerd who plays in a rock band—a Sunday go-to-church preacher’s kid, with tattoos down her thigh and a doobie in her pocket. I can speak with some authority when it comes to being a PK (preacher’s kid). My father, though not the bigot in the book, pastored 4-5 small churches in New Mexico when I was a child. This meant the family sat through 4-5 services every week! My personal experience with the ‘preatherly’ tone, and authoritarian way of being in the world, informed the writing of these scenes.

My daughter came out to me while I was married to my second husband. You could say she showed me the way. *smile*  Being late to the lesbian party, my memories of ‘coming out’ are fresh and sweet, not unlike Ruby’s experience.

Traveling in Mexico contributed to the authenticity of these scenes, though taking a little-yellow-man trip down the googled streets of Puerto Vallarta did refresh my memory. If you’re writing about a locale the google mobile has photographed, I highly recommend it. Super tool!


As writers, we all draw inspiration from our lives to create the art we love. This art, in turn inspires creativity in others, and enriches our own experience, allowing for greater inspiration and further creation!

Pretty cool! Huh?

In the Mean Time

By Ellys Phox

The personification of paradox, Ruby was a card-carrying nerd who played in a rock band—a Sunday go-to-church preacher’s kid, with tattoos down her thigh and a doobie in her pocket.

Adept at knowing when to keep her mouth shut and her head down, Ruby could also speak her mind when the situation required it. Sometimes, coping meant creating stories, into which she would climb, when reality impinged.

For Ruby, finding her way past the mysterious loss of one parent and the condemnation of another, hinged on her acceptance of the very thing that had created these challenges.

And what a mean time it was…


Residing in Sonoma County, California, I am a retired social worker, who also paints and gardens. My wife, Lynell, is my biggest fan. Without her encouragement, I may never have jumped into writing fiction. My daughter Jesse, the other inspirational force in my life, is a writer as well as an amazing artist. Her skills as an editor have been invaluable to me. Jess and her partner, Kim, are the creators of Mahou Shounen FIGHT and Scuttlebutt Ink.

Also by Ms. Phox: The Performance, All Stirred Up and Finding My Own Way

Website: www.ellysphox.com



  1. I loved reading your previous book “the performance” and would love to read this one too so count me in please ;-)))


  2. wasn’t a PK but ran with a many of them..lol..they were some of the worst or best…(depends on how you want to look at it..lol) .. influences in my life!!


  3. … enough to make me interested in reading your book! This is your first book then? Have you done any other writing – short stories, or such? (although, as a good friend of mine is a social worker, I would guess you have a lot of writing – case files – under your belt?!


  4. Seems interesting. Not a preacher’s child, but I’d been living with an uncle – preacher for a time.


  5. Had a crazy weekend and only just got to reading the comments. Thanks you so much for your interest! Good Luck to all on the drawing–and I hope, even if you aren’t the winner you will check out the book.
    OXOXOXO to you !


  6. “…with tattoos down her thigh and a doobie in her pocket…” LOL, who WOULDN’T want to read this book? Great description and visual image of Ruby! Oo, ooo🙋pick me to win!


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