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Congratulations to Kas! She won an ebook copy of Her Name by Alicia Joseph!

Welcome to new author and guest blogger, Alicia Joseph. She stopped by today to tell us all about her new novella, Her Name, available now from Musa Publishing.

She is graciously giving away a FREE ebook copy of Her Name. If you want to check it out (Why wouldn’t you? It looks awesome.), leave a comment in the space below and I’ll draw the winner this Friday, 1/16/2015.

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Her Name
by Alicia Joseph

I’ve always been curious about why we dream and what our dreams mean. I have a book that interprets dreams and it is both interesting and highly unusual because I would never have imagined some of my dreams to mean what this book tells me they do. I had once dreamed that I was eating jelly and later learned it meant that lovely distractions were going to occur throughout my day. I’m not sure how enjoyable interruptions relate to jelly, but it is fascinating nonetheless. Just as intriguing is the interpretation that if a person dreams of being buried alive signifies that he or she is about to make an enormous mistake, which may lead to injury.

Personally, I dream of things I am most afraid of. I hate sharks. So I know without a shred of a doubt if I watch anything with sharks in it that I will dream of sharks when I fall asleep that night. I am so petrified of this large fish that even the sight of planes makes me uneasy because of their close semblance to this creature I so fervently fear.

I also, at times, dream of snakes. I once had a terrible dream that I was circled by a clan of lunging snakes. I woke up in the middle of my staircase with a blanket over my head covering my entire body as I fought off the vicious attack. I’d felt foolish, but incredibly relieved when I realized it was just a dream, but the dream had felt so real that it took hours to shake off the effect of the ferocious assault and finally fall back to sleep.

I’m a big dreamer. Whether they are night dreams or daydreams, I dream a lot. I always say that I live mostly in my head. For some people this may be a bad thing, but for a writer I feel it is a perfect way to live and because dreams consume a large part of my life, it is only fitting that my first book, Her Name, revolves around dreams.

Her Name is a story about a woman, Madison, who believes the beautiful woman she dreams about is the real love of her life. Madison wakes up with lucid and vibrant dreams flooding her mind and soon, this woman consumes her every thought. The woman is everything Madison desires in a partner and a wife, and the images she lives while in her dreams is the life she desperately longs for when she wakes up.

Madison is single and more than anything she wants to find the love she’s destined to spend the rest of her life with and start a family. But as Madison’s fortieth birthday hangs in the foreseeable future, she is well-aware that she is nowhere close to the life her young, twenty-year old, fresh-faced self had imagined her to be at the age she is now.

Madison’s frustrations grow even stronger when no woman she meets can compare to the woman she sees every night in her dreams. Her emotions become more intense when she realizes the dreams she’s having recreate moments taken from her actual life, and this woman is there for all of it.

Here is an excerpt of Her Name:

Now, I laid down my fork and leaned into my seat. I knew she didn’t want to talk about this anymore, but I did. “This all sounds crazy to you, and maybe in the beginning, it was something to joke about, but now, I’m not sure. These pictures were taken directly out of my life, and this woman was in every one of them. You can’t tell me I just dreamed it from memory, because my memory isn’t that good! The photos were identical all the way from the clothes we wore, to the smile on our faces. Hell, even the background was the same! She was the only thing that was different. How could that be?”

I stared at her, waiting for a response as she took it all in.

“Like I said on the phone, I just don’t know what you want me to say. I’m not sure what you’re asking me. Is it weird? Yeah, totally, but I’m no dream expert, and neither are you. Like I said before, maybe it’s your subconscious taking over. I’m sure there’s a logical explanation, and it probably has some fancy scientific name.”

“She’s my wife,” I said flatly. “I saw a picture of us from our wedding, and we looked like we belonged together. We know each other. I mean, really know each other. I wish you could see us together, because you’ve never seen me this way with anyone before.”

“And what way is that?”

“In love,” I answered.

“In love,” Shelly repeated and then pushed herself away from the table. “Well, Maddy, me seeing you with her is something that will never happen. Do you wanna know why that will never happen?”

“I know why you think that will never happen, but that’s where you’re wrong.” I stared at her and said, “I’m just gonna come out and say it. I think she’s real.”



Alicia Joseph grew up in Westchester, Illinois. This is her first published novella. She is currently working on a new lesbian romance novel. When she is not writing, the author enjoys volunteering with animals, reading, and spending time with her many nieces and nephews.

Please visit her blog at www.aliciajoseph.com
She can also be found on her Alicia Joseph Author Facebook Page.

Please feel welcome to follow her on Twitter @JosephJody76. She’d love to hear from you! You can also purchase her book on musapublishing.com



  1. I sometimes tell friends that “I hope you dream in soft colors.” My dreams are typically very vivid but usually pleasant. Please add my name in for the drawing!


  2. The plotline has certainly piqued my curiosity and I will definitely read this book wether I win a copy or I buy one ;-)))


  3. Alicia – congratulations on your first novella. I am quite intrigued. Recently I have had a lot of dreams that I remember, which is odd for me. I am curious as to the name of the book you have on interpreting dreams.

    I look forward to reading your novella!


    • Denise, the book is 10,000 Dreams Interpreted by Gustavus Hindman Miller. It’s so interesting and a must-read for anyone curious about the meaning of their dreams. Thank you for entering the drawing and good luck!

      Also, a huge thank-you to all those curious about my book and who will still read it even if they don’t win. Seriously. Thank you. 🙂 – Alicia Joseph.


  4. Congratulations on your first published book. It sounds wicked awesome and something I would love to read. Gosh I wish I knew what most of my dreams ment from the ones I remember or the repetitive ones since childhood. Please count me in for the drawing. Thank you for this opportunity. 🙂 Juli


  5. Interesting how some dreams stay with you while others float away as soon as you wake up. The snake dream you’ve described sounds very much like one I had when I was a child and it’s stayed with me. I think it’s one of those shared memories.
    Congratulations on your first publication.


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