Historical Erotica by MJ Williamz (plus a FREE BOOK)

Congratulations to onamarae! She won a copy of Speakeasy by MJ Williamz!

Hey everybody! Award winning author MJ Williamz stopped by to share the news from her writerly corner of the world.

She’s also giving away a signed paperback copy of Speakeasy (US ONLY) or an ebook copy (INTERNATIONAL). Leave a comment in the space below to enter the drawing. I’ll draw the winner this Friday, 1/16/2015.

Good Luck!

Historical Erotica

by MJ Williams

Speakeasy, which was released in eBook format in April, is now available in paperback!

Here’s the blurb about the book:

Speakeasy coverMob boss Helen Byrne loves the new breed of women in the Roaring Twenties. She loves them every chance she gets. But when she finds herself attracted to bad girl Maria Falco, things change. Maria’s boyfriend is Franco Moretti, Al Capone’s right-hand man. Helen has vowed to protect the men in her gang, but her need for Maria is powerful. Is the imminent gang war worth it to her and her men? Can she convince Maria to leave the powerful Moretti for her? And if she does, how will she survive being the target of the most powerful mob in town? Maria and Helen burn hot, but so does Moretti’s firepower. Helen is determined to make Maria hers and hers alone. But at what cost?

I had more fun writing this novel. It took a lot of research, because while most of it is fictional, there’s a lot of real life events mixed in. And researching is by far my favorite part of writing.

If you like historical erotica, you might want to check out my book that will be out in the fall. It’s called Summer Passion and it’s about two Hollywood actresses in the nineteen forties. Love between women was not allowed then and the means they used to be able to achieve their happily ever after was quite unexpected (Even for me and I wrote the book LOL).Sheltered Love CoverA little about me:

I grew up on California’s central coast, where I told anyone who’d listen that I wanted to be an author when I grew up. I went to Chico State for college and stayed for nineteen years. It was in Chico that I rediscovered my love of writing. Eventually, I moved to Portland, Oregon and that’s where I was when I was first published.

My first published work was a short story called “Pool Games.” And I couldn’t have been happier when my first book, Shots Fired was published by Bold Strokes Books in 2008.

I’ve had a lot of lag times between books, but don’t anticipate that happening any more. In July I got married and moved to Houston, where I’m now a full time author. I have three books on the schedule to be released over the next couple of years, including Sheltered Love, which is due out this summer.

Sheltered Love is the story of a woman who runs a domestic abuse shelter and her conflicted feelings about a woman who owns a bar. They work together to help one abuse victim move on, and in doing so, fall in love.

Other books by me include Forbidden Passions, the Goldie Award winning Initiation by Desire and Escapades.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!



  1. I have not been familiar with your books – unfortunately it seems, since they sound great! And I will be checking out a few of them! Thanks for writing here and introducing me to them!


  2. Congratulations on your wedding and being a full time writer. I look forward to adding your book to my reading list.


  3. Your previous books have been wonderful and I anticipate that your future books will be the same. Congratulations on becoming a full-time writer.


  4. Hey there, I would really love to read this book. Count me in. Otherwise I’ll have to buy it. 😊Congrats on your wedding.


  5. Sounds good – Please count me in. I love BSB Books and have just brought ‘The Job’ and ‘Love and Devotion’ so I’m a happy bunny at the moment. 2 good books to look forward to 😀


  6. Congrats on moving, getting married and becoming a full-time writer…that is a lot of goodness and good news for us readers 😉


  7. MJ is one of my go to authors. Great blog and I am excited about the upcoming releases. If anyone hasn’t read Speakeasy, it is a must buy.


  8. Have seen MJ do readings in Provincetown, great stuff! Looking forward to reading this book. Please enter me in the drawing.


  9. Having worked as a Women’s Advocate in a battered women’s shelter for ten years, I am eager to read Sheltered Love. Well, perhaps a tiny big more eager than I am to read each of your books as it comes out which is already pretty eager! I hate it when I am put in the paradoxical situation of wanting time to hurry so an long awaited book will come out, while hoping time will slow down so I have more time for my work-in-progress! I guess science is correct and time is relative!


  10. Look at all these great comments MJ. Already read Speakeasy and of course you out did yourself. Congratulations my friend for the paperback edition. Looking forward to seeing your two in Austin, April 2015.


  11. Totally in this!! I just finished reading your other book, Initiation by Desire, and it was Hot!! Made me want to go back to college and pledge. So from college to gangster….I’m in!!


  12. Love your writing,MJ. Congrats on being a full-time writer now. That works for all us readers, too! Would love to read your latest and Thanks for your generosity.


  13. Historical and Erotica aren’t two words I’d normally consider together but what the hell…you had me at erotica!!! LOL!!! Much luck to you in your full time writing career! 👏👭


  14. Erotica is probably the hardest to write. I know this must be true because I’ve struggled through some pretty bad dialogue too many times.

    I am looking forward to reading this author based on the recommendations of my friends!


  15. I wonder if MJ got a chance to visit Al Capones house in the Midwest while researching for her book.

    Anyway, please sign me up.


  16. Please count me in. Hope I’m not too late. I’m in the UK but would love a copy of the new book as it sounds really good. Thanks to all xx


  17. I would love a chance to read this book, and it is awesome that now we can expect more on a regular basis! Congrats on becoming a full time writer 😉


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