Here Comes the Sun

I love living in the Northwest. I do. This time of year, however, that’s pretty hard for me to remember. The sun comes up far too late and sets far too early, and the daylight hours in between are gray, overcast, and dreary.

Winter solstice was a month ago today and I can feel the days getting longer. The sun peeks out just a little earlier and stays up just a little longer. Yesterday, the sun didn’t set until a little bit after five.

Now, is this enough sunlight to get me moving? Of course not. But it’s enough to give me hope. And it’s enough to trigger some things internally for me. For example, I’ve started writing again. It’s been a looooooong hiatus for me, almost a year, I think. I’ve written some small pieces here and there, but nothing substantial since I finished the first draft of The Job. This means I might release another book sometime before 2020. I’m calling that a victory, folks.

If you’re friends with me on facebook (And if you’re not, why not? You can fix that HERE!), you’ve probably seen my posts recently about blitzing. If you already know what that is, feel free to join in. If you don’t, let me break it down for you.

Blitzing originated with Barbara Ann Wright and Carsen Taite. And some other folks, I’m sure, but as far as I know, those two are the ones that started it. The way it works is someone sets a time for a blitz and everyone who can make it, joins in and writes at the same time. When you reach a thousand words, which takes about twelve minutes for Barbara, you chime in and let people know where you’re at.

Or, if you’re up against a wall, like I have been lately, you write for an hour and then move on. The point is to stimulate the brain into remembering how much fun it is to write. And it’s really, really nice to have a bunch of people sharing the experience. I’m a huge fan of group encouragement.

So, while the sun is playing hide and seek with my sanity, I’ll be in my office trying to remember what it’s like to be a writer. If you’re online and want to join in the madness, you’re definitely welcome to be a part of our blitzing community.

Until next time, Happy Writing!



  1. Well I suffer from SAD(seasonal Affective Disorder) that makes it hard to feel normal when the sun isn’t shining..the shorter days and longer nights makes me want to hibernate…I am embarking on a writing journey for the first time in my almost 47 years(a dream I have had but just couldn’t realize it until now). So I am also trying to get my butt going..the motivation starts otr good but the cold, dreary days make it almost impossible to stay focused. Your suggestion of blitzing is much like my idea of scheduling breaks…I write for a time period and stop and do something else..that way I can get more done in my day and try to stick to a schedule…look at writing as a job not just a hobby so I can actually get it done….I’m also a chronic procrastinator so getting it done will be my challenge….I can not wait till the sun shines most of the day…that’s when I am the most productive…bring it on ! 🙂


    • Yep, SAD, that would be the official name of what’s going on with me according to my doctor. I think I was a bear in a past life because all I want to do during the winter is hibernate.

      Good luck with your new routine!


  2. I know how you feel as far as the sun goes. I can’t wait until the days are longer and I can actually feel the sun’s warmth again. Big motivator for the writing, and the general living…


    • Big motivator for everything. When the sun comes out, I can’t spend enough time in my yard. I have a thousand and one projects that I want to do and only so many months of weather to do them in. Can’t wait!

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  3. I hear you and sympathize, Jove. Although I’ve enjoyed the northern winter, a few other factors have dampened my creativity. I’ve resisted blitzing with a group, thinking it might make my freeze worse to see others productivity, when I’m stuck. Maybe I should give it a go again. Hmmm…


  4. Methinks we all need a little inspiration – just three days ago I committed to writing for twenty minutes a day. The deal is, I go to National Geographic’s photo of the day, DO NOT look at the caption, and write about the picture for ten minutes. Then I have ten minutes to edit. To keep myself honest I’m posting the results on Facebook every day. I thought it might be a good way to stimulate some fresh, ideas and get me back into writing. I’ve been wordless for about a year and a half and I need to do something to get going again. Twenty minutes is an obligation I can commit to, and while it’s only the third day, it’s been inspiring so far. So I dig the blitz idea – blitz on!


    • Oh, that’s an EXCELLENT exercise. Sometimes I like to do word prompt drills that are very similar to what you do. I have someone give me three words at random, then I write for fifteen minutes and must include all three words. That exercise works wonders for my creative flow! I’ll look for your posts on facebook!


  5. I am so glad you have begun writing again. Have you looked at Suzie Carr’s 5 ways to get your mojo back on Curves? I can empathize with you on the lack of sun and dreary days. Where I live the sun rises around 9 am ish, and sets about 4 ish pm at the moment. I’m sure something will excite your imagination. Listen to the messages that come from that part of the mind that touches the source of all inspiration. love and light going your way!


  6. If it were up to me I would move back in a second- IF we had more sun up there! SAD affected me more than I knew – it wasn’t until I moved to Alabama for a minute that I realized how much 🙂 Visiting your home this summer, Jove, the beauty was breathtaking and I’m glad I got to share that piece of Pacific Northwest with you.


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