Get Ready. The Wait is Nearly Over…

The Deadening: Book Three in the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy is almost in your hands!

It’s time to re-read the first two in the series – and how do I know? Because of the wonderful letters I’ve received that told me several readers were going to do just that 🙂

I have awesome readers – and I appreciate you!

We started the award winning series with Jordan and Sunny Skye’s story. Book one tells us how Sunny, Tiffany, and Shade, met as children before creating the Sisters of Spirits in The Awakening…(on sale now at Bold Strokes Books) The AwakeningThe Quickening
Then we continued the series with our Tiffany and Kat in The Quickening: Book Two. And after battling more killers, ghosts and demons with the Sisters – that’s where I left all of you breathless and hanging off razor wire.

cracked glass

I’m not at all sorry 🙂


Because – we are HERE!


Just to catch you up:
Shade Stewart is a member of the Sisters of Spirits paranormal investigative group and a self-proclaimed necromancer. Renowned for leaving a trail of broken hearts, she walks between darkness and the light, searching to ease the emptiness in her spirit with women and whatever else might ease the pain. After an explosion leaves her in a coma, Shade is trapped in a place between this reality and her nightmares, fighting for her life and her soul.

Raven Sanchez, a fiery generational witch, is the newest member of SOS. Instantly attracted to Shade and the power she possesses, Raven pursues her, ignoring the darkness that surrounds her. Blinded by her desire, she uses her magic in an attempt to win Shade’s heart, setting in motion forces beyond her control.

Valentine roses for blog

I’m going to think of all of my readers on Valentine’s Day. Really, I am! You don’t have to think about me though – not on that day for lovers 🙂

… I’d love for you to have your romantic dinners, give gentle kisses, and have your fun with sweethearts. I’d love for you all to spend the night wrapped in love.

Shade and I won’t mind.

Sandy and I will have our night together – and we can all hold our breath and hope Shade is getting some lovin’ right?

We didn’t leave her in a very good place, our Shade, did we?

And we made you wait SO long to hear it.

Are you ready for The Deadening?

ON the very next day – On February 15th, 2015 – Shade would like to tell you her story.


Leave a comment to enter the drawing – WIN A SIGNED COPY!

Also, Here is a message from Liz McMullen:
Shade never thought she would find someone she could dance with the devil with, until she met Raven. Shade’s story is like her life, with death and darkness tugging at her clothing. The Deadening is finally her time grow, but knowing Shade, she will run from happiness kicking and screaming. Will she be able to save herself, from herself? You’ll have to read the book to find out.”

Liz McMullen, host of The Liz McMullen Show. Check out her website to listen to her interview with Yvonne Heidt on March 27th:

Unfortunately, I can only mail to the US – but if you outside the States and would like to win an E-Copy – please enter for that!

I will announce the winners (by updating this blog) on SATURDAY January, 31st.

Can’t get enough of the Psychics? Check out Sheri Wohl’s page at Bold Strokes Books!

Rosita Peery Won the Drawing! Thank you all for participating! I appreciate all of your kind comments 🙂


  1. I would absolutely dire for a signed copy of The Deadening! I love you Yvonne, and am very grateful to know you!


  2. I would absolutely die for a signed copy of The Deadening! I love you Yvonne, and am very grateful to know you!


  3. Can’t wait!!! I’ve been a fan since your first book and *patiently* waiting for Shade’s story since the beginning of the trilogy!!


  4. I’ve been waiting an awful long time for this and will be re-reading the first two for the 3rd time!! 🙂


  5. I have read the Sometimes Yesterday and about to start on the trilogy. I haven’t read in a while but I will tell you Yvonne is one to pull her readers into the story. I felt so drawn to the book. Thank you for a great experience as I read. Can’t wait for more!


  6. I’m sorry to say I haven’t read your books yet. Haven’t read anything for a very long time & have just recently became interested again. I am FB friends with your sister and she posts about your books. After reading this blog, I am intrigued & can’t wait to read them!


  7. Please! I have been waiting like forever for this book, I can’t believe it’s finally about to be released!


  8. I haven’t had a chance to read the first two yet (I don’t like to stop in the middle of the storyline), but just reading the summaries, I can’t wait to get started. Sign me up, please.


    • Live in UK so ebook if i win!
      If only one winner being chosen, – i was unsure if there would be more – then please choose someone in america on my behalf so they can win a signed copy of your book.
      Thank you xx


  9. Definitely would love to win this I just finished reading books 1 and 2 last week and was glad to find out that shades book was coming out so soon.


  10. I’m looking forward to the third book.Before I read the new book, I’m going to reread the first two sisters books.


  11. Been waiting to hear Shade’s story for awhile now. You totally know how to tease us ladies. Can’t wait!


  12. Great series. I’ve been waiting for Shade’s story. Please count me in. I WILL be buying it if you don’t draw my name.


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