Calls for Submissions

This strange thing happened where I can’t keep track of which day it is. Today, as it happens, is TUESDAY! Except in some parts of the world, it’s not Tuesday anymore and I’m just the ass who missed her blog day. For those of you still enjoying Tuesday, I’ve got a couple of Calls for Submissions to drop on you.

Call for Submissions – Lesbian Fiction

Bedazzled Ink is currently looking for literary and general lesbian fiction. If you have a novel that doesn’t seem to fit into a specific genre, then it might be just what we’re interested in.

We especially like books with engaging and unique approaches to storytelling and distinctive authorial voices and styles. We enjoy books that explore the lives of realistic, yet fascinating women, tackling serious universal themes and subjects or taking an amusing more humorous stroll through our crazy world. History and different cultures intrigue us, as do contemporary stories that turn the common into uncommon literary treasures. If you’re a little maverick in your writing style, that’s all right with us.

The length should be 60,000 words to however long it takes to tell your story.

We will consider previously published works. Please no simultaneous submissions.

If you have a novel you think we’d be interested in, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within three weeks.

We look forward to reading your work.

To submit your work to Bedazzled Ink, visit them here:

Forever Windsor Series

“Do you take this woman . . . “

You are cordially invited to join Bedazzled Ink in a collaborative celebration of Marriage Equality.

We are celebrating women who are starting a life together, or are long time partners, or who’ve been together for a while and are ready to legalize their relationship.

These women can be new characters or existing characters you’ve created from other stories as long as the story revolves around the actual ceremony. Since these books are a celebration of the same-sex marriage they can be sweet, poignant, slice of life, or downright funny.

We’re not looking for formulaic romances with the angst and the requisite couple split-up for drama . . . The only hitches (besides the actual hitching) should be the realistic or funny kind—bad weather, wedding cake mishaps, getting lost on the way to the chapel . . . wherever your imagination takes you. We want the story to be more romantic than sexy.

The story can start when the couple first meets, or when they’ve been together for a while, or at the point they decide to get married, or in the middle of the wedding preparations . . . The story can be based on a real life wedding—your own wedding or the wedding of someone you know. All we ask is that there be a legal wedding at the end.

We’d like the story to be short and sweet, 30,000 to 45,000 words. It will be published as an ebook novella as well as a mass market size paperback. There isn’t a deadline. Take the time you need to write it. We understand that you are busy with other writing projects and with life.

** Important Note: A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the book will go to Freedom to Marry, Marriage Equality USA, or to your favorite organization that promotes same-sex marriage.

In return we offer a contract for:

  • Royalties – 10% of retail price for paperbacks. 35% of retail price for ebooks.
  • Length – Renewable 3 years from the date publication.
  • Rights – Worldwide English language paperback and ebook editions. All other rights remain with you.
  • No Options or Right of First Refusal Clause

If you’d like to donate a portion of your royalties to an organization promoting same sex marriage, we can split the royalties between yourself and the organization.

Please use Standard Manuscript Format.

To learn more, visit the Bedazzled Ink website: