Ten Thousand to One Thousand


First of all thanks to everyone who commented on my last blog about romantic intrigue. The winners of the drawing were Gina and Sandra – I’ve sent emails out to both of you about how to claim your prize.

Now, on to this week’s topic. I’ve been working from home for a while and while I love not having to wear a suit or drive to the office, I’ve noticed the increasingly adverse effects of being a little too sedentary throughout the day. We have a treadmill, but I found walking on it to be pretty monotonous and every time I get on it, I kept thinking about all the work I could/should be doing. A friend of mine recommended a treadmill desk, but when I looked into purchasing one, I was blown away at how expensive they can be, so I Googled DIY Treadmill Desk Cheap and came up with this site.

The goal was to have a sturdy, solid desk with space for my laptop, iPad, and enough surface left over for a notepad that could easily be removed from the treadmill when I want to use it for running. We gathered supplies: one bookshelf (approximately 12″ x 36″); four eyes screws or two brackets (see pic below) and two 24″ bungee cords. After about ten minutes of construction, here’s the result:


We (I say we because it was actually my wife, Lainey, who made the desk for me), opted for a different bracket than the recommended eye screws because of how close the treadmill is to the wall in our space. We found these in the lumber supply department at Home Depot.


Our out of pocket for the whole thing came to just under $16.00. I’ve been using my new treadmill desk all week and am amazed at how easy it is to get 10,000 steps in while writing my daily 1,000 words. Take that, Fitbit!




  1. Oh my goddess. Why? Take the freedom you’ve got now through working at home. I don’t believe there are no 20/30 minute brakes to take to get outside or to dance. Oh well.. first impression.

    There are chairs available in/on which you’re in constant movement if you want to limit it to your workspace.

    I made the transition from working in greenhouses and cleaning in hospitals to my desk as a translator 30 hours a week 19 years ago and 10 hours interpreting, Nevertheless I gained 10 kilo’s. I get your drift.


  2. Great ingenuity. Thanks for sharing the post and pictures, it does look like something eminently doable. Good for you for finding a way to write and walk, as a reader, I really appreciate your efforts to keep the words flowing.


  3. Wow that is fantastic and thanks…I’ve been thinking of doing something like this here and thought it would be impossible with the type of treadmill…but your’s is much like our Nordic Trac..something to consider….”Honey…got another project for us!” 🙂


  4. Thanks for the pictures – Wish I still had my treadmill, I’d sure give it a try. Got rid of mine because it was too boring 😦


  5. Wow, good work you two. I have too much trouble staying on my treadmill without holding on (too wonky) to try this I think but it is a great idea. Plus, as a two finger typist, it would take me days to type 1000 words. You rock Carsen.


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