Happy Early Valentine’s Day!

Hi, peeps!


Howsabout you post links in the comments to your fave Valentine’s Day stories? Or your fave romance novels/novellas/stories so we can all add jillions MOAR BOOKS to our lists? What do you say? Have at below!

And if you’re interested, I’ve got a freebie Valentine’s Day story on my website called “Floral Designs.” You can read that HERE.

Plus check our “free short stories” page RIGHT HERE for more links to freebie stories.

To consider adding to your “to buy” list:

Just found out that Nikki Busch and Cindy Rizzo released Valentine’s stories through Ylva Publishing. Check that out HERE.

Don’t forget Appetites, an edited volume of stories through Liz McMullen.

R.G. Emanuelle’s novella Add Spice to Taste continues the buffet theme, as does her co-edited volume (full disclosure; with me and R.G. blogs here) All You Can Eat.

Give us your faves below! 😀

Happy Valentine’s Day!



  1. Here are a few of my favorites and why I like them (relative to love).

    * AJ Adaire, It’s Complicated, because life is seldom simple
    * Andi Marquette, Land of Entrapment (series), for KC and Sage – the couple who
    brings out the best in each other
    * Barrett, Damaged in Service (series), because the broken can heal
    * Beth Burnett, The Love Sucks Club, because being single and loving your life is
    * Cate Culpepper, The Clinic, be honest we all want to be either Brenna or Jess
    * DeJay, Redemption, because grandmothers get to fall in love too
    * Gill McKnight, Indigo Moon, for Isabelle and Ren’s connection – that hooked me
    * Jodi Klaire, The Empath, because there is someone out
    * Jove Belle, Indelible, for that one who inspires you to change and to be patient
    * Lynn Ames, All The Lies Within, because we all want to be seen
    * Lynn Galli, Life Rewired, for breaking the butch-femme mold
    * Nat Burns, Two Weeks in August, for the character Hazy – even the most unlovable
    can find love

    There’s a little bit of everything in there, adventure, fantasy, mystery, and even romance. A little something for every one. 😉


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