A Room of One’s Own

I’m still deep in house renovations over here, and seem to have very little time for either historical research into the property and the local area or, indeed, fiction writing. However, everything is progressing in what seems to be the correct direction, unhampered by either the weather – snow fell extensively on the hills all around me, but mostly missed my little mill-town on the outskirts of Huddersfield – or any major unforeseen issues with the structure of the property. So last week I moved into my newly completed (almost!) bedroom.

How's that for a colour scheme?
How’s that for a colour scheme?

Virginia Woolf might have been thinking of either a literal bedsitter or a figurative metal and emotional space when she wrote her famous essay, but there’s a lot to be said for having a proper bedroom – even for someone like me with a whole house to rattle around in (mostly) in glorious solitude. Not to mention that starting more or less from scratch means I get to choose exactly what my room looks like. I’ve kept the built-in wardrobes and the dark staining on the woodwork, but I’ve had the walls papered and painted in gold and purple to show off all my inherited dark-wood furniture (battered as it is) to best effect.

Yes, you can see other houses when you get up close to the window and the radiogram
Yes, you can see other houses when you get up close to the window and the radiogram

As of today, I have curtains – no worries that anyone’s been spying on me before, since I overlook tall trees growing on waste ground, and daybreak is still occurring after my alarm goes off in the morning – although by the time they were hung, the natural light wasn’t really suitable to photograph them. So all that remains is to get my bedside chair and dressing table stool re-covered in a snazzy purple velvet, and find the loose wiring connection that’s preventing my Ferguson radiogram from playing my vinyl collection properly.

Next up will be the study – the room on whose floor I was sleeping on until my bedroom was ready – and then I’ll have a dedicated writing and researching place closer to the room of which Virginia Woolf wrote over 85 years ago. At which point I really will have to pick up on my investigations into my home’s history. I’m dying to find out more about the people who lived here when the house was new.



  1. Old home renos fascinate me. Love the color scheme of the room. What intrigues me more is your Radiogram. Please do keep us all apprised of the renos and house history and tell us more about the Radiogram. it’s looks and sounds similar to something my aunt had when I was a young-un.


    • Thanks!

      The Radiogram belonged to Mum and Dad, but they no longer had space for it, so it’s followed me through my last two house moves. Sadly it’s not working right now — the turntable plays records, but there’s at least one loose connection to the speakers, and the tuner (Long Wave, Medium Wave and FM needs a new spring at the very least). Hopefully I’ll find someone round here who knows how to fix it — I now live in an area with lots more skilled workers and fewer office types.


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