Hello and Thank you.

Now this is what I call a warm welcome. I barely get my foot through the door when my in-box is full of howdy-dos. You are very friendly people, but if you start patting me I may retract.

I’ve known some folks here a long time. Some of us are from the same stable block. I’ve been around since 2007, and longer than that in fanfic. Like most of us I started out an avid reader who somewhere along the way took the road less traveled, or highway to hell, or the rocky road to Dublin. Wherever you come from there’s a path good, sensible people advise you against. Just take it.

My rocky road actually led to Lesvos. I try and stay there as much as possible to read and write and generally chill. And when the coffers get low I grab a work contract in the UK or Ireland and fill them up again. So I’m never long off my road. Less traveled is a bit of a misnomer.

I’m hoping to post the odd interview at W&W. I’ve been lucky enough to have a nice conversation with Jae, aka, Sandra Gerth of Ylva Publishing, recently. I’ll pop that up in a few days. Meantime, thank you so much for the welcome. This is a nice place to rest awhile.



  1. I hope you’ll share tips on how to work occasionally and spend the rest of the time on Lesvos! (Though I think I know you do computer something or others, right? That pretty much leaves me off that gravy train.) Nice to see you here!


  2. A belated welcome, Gill. I love all your books. I promise no patting, though given the
    cuddliness of your Lesbian werewolves, it’s tempting.


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