What the heck are we doing ’round here?

Happy Friday all you fabulous Women and Wordsers! Did you see how I just made up a word there? English is a living language, so I can totally get away with that. I bet y’all are wondering why I’m here (Jove) instead of Andi. Well, I’m not, really. Or rather I am, but it’s not what you think. I’m going to drop a little update on you about what we’re doing with the schedule this morning, then Andi will be by later to do her thing. It’s like a Twofer Friday, which really doesn’t make sense, but just roll with it, okay?

Here’s a little breakdown of our weekly schedule:

  • 1st Monday of the month – Lynette Mae
  • 2nd Monday of the month – Jessie Chandler
  • 3rd Monday of the month – Stevie Carroll
  • 4th (and sometimes 5th) Monday of the month – Yvonne Heidt
  • 1st Tuesday of the month – D. Jordan Redhawk
  • 2nd Tuesday of the month – Sandra Moran
  • 3rd Tuesday of the month – Gill McKnight
  • 4th Tuesday of the month – Work in Progress. Stay tuned!
  • Every other Wednesday – Carsen Taite
  • Alternating Wednesdays – Jove Belle
  • Thursday – R.G. Emanuelle – It’s all R.G. all the time. Because she’s cool like that.
  • Friday – Andi Marquette – Welcome to the Andi channel. She has stuff to say. Good stuff. You’ll like it.
  • Saturday – This day is pretty much open. I like to do the Did you catch this? segment, but that tends to be a little sporadic. I also use Saturdays to post maintenance stuff, like this update, and it’s also a great place for me to toss up Calls for Submissions. If you have any, let me know and I’ll share it.
  • Sunday – Rotating guest bloggers.

Now, some clarification:

  • Gill McKnight will be posting interviews on her scheduled day. I’d like to say you should drop her a line if you’d like to be interviewed, but I can’t. She only has eleven slots in the year and she already has a full line up. You are welcome to contribute a guest blog, however. Just fill out the magical format the top of our website (BE OUR GUEST).
  • Writing a guest blog can be a little intimidating, so we’ve decided to add another option. We’re putting together a list of five or ten canned questions that you could answer instead. It’s similar to an interview, only without the personalization and interaction. The questions will remain the same for everyone.

That’s it for now. We’ll keep you posted if we decide to move the furniture around again.



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