Coming Attractions, April 2015

STOP IT. April is upon us! That’s practically a quarter of the year! Holy hour glasses, Batwomen! Cue Al Stewart’s “Time Passages.” (That a nice little earworm for you…)

ANYWAY! If you (reader, author, publisher) have anything coming out in the near future, drop us a line so we can get you on the list(s). We post these pups the 2nd or 3rd Friday of each month, so we need your info the first week of the month. That would be most awesome. Drop us a line at the “Contact” link above. At the top of the page. See it? šŸ˜€

Keep in mind we generally stop updating these blog posts about a week after they post, but we also maintain a static page with all this info and we update that every time somebody contacts us with a book listing, as long as it fits the chronological criteria.

And now…drum roll…

What to look forward to next month!

Elaine Burnes, Wishbone (looking for it in March)
Cheyne Curry, Renegade (looking for it in March!)
C.D. Cain, When It Raynes
Doreen Perinne, Kid (it appears it was delayed from original announcement)
Laurie Salzler, In the Stillness of Dawn (looking for it in March)

Heather Rose Jones, The Mystic Marriage
Clare McNab, The Kookaburra Gambit (fresh reissue!)
Lisa MacTeague, Depths of Blue
Tracey Richardson, Song in my Heart
Dillon Watson, Full Circle

Melissa Brayden, Just Three Words
Jean Copeland, The Revelation of Beatrice Darby
Lesley Davis, Playing in Shadow
Gill McKnight, Soul Selecta
Carsen Taite, Lay Down the Law
Yolanda Wallace, Love’s Bounty
Fiona Zedde, Every Dark Desire

Laila Blake, Polar Shift (more info to come)
Harper Bliss, Girls Only, Vol. 3 (more info to come)
Lisabet Sarai, Her Own Devices (more info to come)
Lisabet Sarai, The Witches of Gloucester (more info to come)

Tonie Chacon, Struck! A Titanic Love Story
Pat Cronin, Reflections of Fate

Paulette Callen, Ephiphany

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