Always Remember – The Journey by Denise Judge (PLUS A FREE EBOOK)

Always Remember

Congratulations to Amy! She won an ebook copy of Always Remember by Denise Judge.

Hello and happy Sunday. Today, we have a new-to-us guest blogger, Denise Judge. She just released her first book, Always Remember, and she’s here to share a little bit about her process with us.

Denise is giving away an ebook copy of Always Remember. To enter the drawing, simply leave a comment in the space below. I’ll draw the winner this coming Friday, March 20.

Good luck!

Always Remember – The Journey by Denise Judge

When friends learn I have published a book, one of the first questions they ask is, “How long did it take to write?” At this point, I typically hold my head down—more in embarrassment than shame.

You see, I began this story over twenty years ago. I would wrote for a while, then put it away. Something about a female who came into my life put the story on hold. Several years later, I picked it back up and wrote more. I had a story in mind, but my life changed a lot in those twenty years and so did the story. So, let’s break it down like this:

  • A relationship that ended after 14 years.
  • A new relationship— 8 years and counting.
  • 11 moves
  • 7 cities
  • 3 states
  • Throw in several job lay-off’s

So, how did I finally commit to completing the story? That’s the best part. I have been a member of Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) since 2006. Occasionally I would check the website to see what was happening. One day, I was perusing the site and saw an announcement about a mentoring program. I thought about it and decided to take a chance, so I signed up.

Before too long, I received an email—I had been accepted and assigned a mentor. I immediately began researching her— the amazingly talented Susan X. Meagher. Susan and I began working together and boom, bam, alakazam, I had a complete novel (Well, there was a little more to it than that.). With her encouragement, I completed the last 75% within a few months.

Next was an even harder part (I know, what could possibly be harder than taking so long to write the novel.). After many discussions with numerous people, I decided to self publish. Boom…Blithe Press was born. So, how did I select the name Blithe (yes, I am often asked this question too.)? I sat on the couch one night with the laptop on my lap (where else would it be?). I opened the thesaurus and starting trying out different words. When I found one I liked, I would check to see if the domain name was available. After about 20 minutes I saw blithe and I really liked the meaning: joyous, merry, or gay in disposition; glad; cheerful. One decision made.

Then came things like, getting a business license, registering domain names, opening a checking account, building a website, hiring an editor and a cover designer, learning how to layout a print book and an e-book. So many things to learn and do.

I owe so much to GCLS and to Susan, her wife Carrie and the other writers who have been so helpful with answering questions and providing advice and input. Thanks Lori, Lynn, Georgia, Ann, Salem and Sandra. You guys are the best.

Oh, yeah. You want to hear more about my book?

Always Remember is a story about friends and family, love and loss.

Is it really possible to fall in love with the same person twice?

Raynee Waters enjoys spending time with her brother Sam and her friends Chandler and Alex, in Atlanta and at her beach home, but something is missing.

Raynee thought she was over her ex, Payton and ready to move on with her life. When Payton comes back into Raynee’s life will they be able to start fresh?

Lauren Tyson is excited about moving to a new city and her new job as a professor at Emory University. Being close to her cousin is a bonus. She’s been single for a long time and is ready to settle down…or is she?

I hope you enjoy Raynee’s journey as much as I enjoyed telling it.

I’m currently working on a couple of new things, but more about those later. If you have read this far, I appreciate it! Check out my website, email me at or join my Facebook page, Denise Judge to see what’s on the horizon. I’d love to hear from you.

Denise Judge is a southern girl at heart, she and her partner now live “up north” in Virginia. She enjoys reading, traveling, cooking and will admit her most recent addiction, thanks to her niece, is Trivia Crack.


    • Thank you Barbara G. I think you will find a lot of books have parts of the writer’s life embedded. Have a great day!


  1. Congrats! You also give hope to other aspiring writers and an example of why they should never give up on their dreams. Quite inspiring.


  2. Yes, life does have a way of sidetracking us from our work. But, I am glad you never gave up on your book. Congratulations on completing it. I am sure it will be the first of many.


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