HAPPY SPRING, to some of you in this hemisphere and above a certain latitude line!

Hi, peeps. Some of you around here are no doubt familiar with the Golden Crown Literary Society and its annual conference (held each summer in various cities).

If you’re not, well! Here you go! The GCLS is an organization devoted to lesfic. In the past year, they’ve also launched a year-long writing academy for aspiring/perspiring authors.

Here’s a quote that explains that:

The GCLS Writing Academy is a year long program for new or relatively new writers who have at least half of a novel written and who want to learn the critical components of quality writing, plus various related topics such as researching your novel, the writer’s life, and the path to getting published.

At any rate, the GCLS is 11 years old, and going stronger every year. Each conference has myriad panels that deal with all kinds of writing and publishing topics, as well as author signing sessions and author readings. And there’s the awards ceremony and after-ceremony dance. Plus all kinds of other social events for mixing and mingling and a vendor room with publishers and book sales and…

Hopefully, you get the idea.

So with that in mind, Jove and I here at Women and Words were thinking of having some T-shirts made up to either sell or raffle off at the conference this year, which is in NEW ORLEANS. And Dorothy Allison is going to speak. JUST SAYIN’. Oh, and Rita Mae Brown will also be around. FOR REALZ.

Ahem. Anyway. Jove and I were thinking about having some T-shirts made up to either raffle off or sell on-site. Whichever way we go, we plan to donate the proceeds to GCLS. tee

So we’re asking you, the readers and writers who plan to attend the conference, which of those options you like. Would people enjoy purchasing a Women and Words tee and wearing it proudly all over the place, thereby announcing your affiliation with WORDS and WOMEN? Or would you rather participate in a raffle of some sort with some limited edition tees or some such?

We’re always trying to come up with new ways to swag everybody out and new ways to have fun and donate to good causes.

So let us know in the comments below what you think and THANKS!

And if you’re interested in MOAR GCLS, follow them on Twitter: @goldencrownls and find them on Facebook.

Happy Friday!


  1. Why don’t you have both. You could read feline or two each day of the confrence. I for one would love to have a W and W t-shirt


  2. My post should have said : you could raffled off one or two each day of the confrence and sale them also.


  3. I wont’ be at the Con this year but am dying to purchase a W&W tee shirt….can you get them done by a vendor who makes them in a variety of sizes, including large sizes? I really would like one I could wear comfortably on an everyday sort of basis, not a tight one I would only wear once or twice. They sound like real winners of ideas to me! Personally I think you and Jove should raffle yourselves off as lunch companions if you want to raffle something….who wouldn’t love a chance to have lunch with you at the Con?

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  4. LOL Ona, there are no doubt many people who would NOT want to have lunch with us at the con and would much rather have lunch with, say, Dorothy Allison. 😀 Regardless, we appreciate the sentiment. We are still trying to figure out what to do about tees, because if we start selling them in general, then we have to figure out how to ensure that money goes to a good cause and what that means in terms of taxes and the like and whether or not it’s a business and on and on like that. Which is why we’re starting relatively small. But stay tuned. We’ll see what we can do.


  5. See my comment above. We don’t want to make this a business and taxable and have to deal with that kind of stuff. So we’re still trying to figure things out.


    • I agree. I don’t know about online sales because that has the potential to over complicate things. However, I’m not opposed to including them in giveaways now and again. Andi?


      • Ditto. I’m just not totally comfie with launching a line of tees and selling them online because that requires things like accounting and taxes. So. I prefer being relatively simple about this at the moment. We can explore our options, though.


  6. So, I have to drive all the way from Colo Springs to New Orleans to get a shirt? Hmm, I’ll do it! I taught school in Baton Rouge for 15 years and had many happy times in N.O. Can’t think of a better reason to go back home!

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  7. In the event that I can’t make the trip from Colorado to N.O., I would be happy to write a check to GCLS for $100 to get a W&W shirt. Just sayin”.

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