Voices Of Lesbian Literature: Heather Blackmore


Hey Ladies, I’m Marion Dries and I’m an ex-radio DJ, ex-bookseller and ex-wanna-be-a-rock-star. I thought it would be interesting to combine some of these interests into a Women and Words monthly podcast where readers could learn more about authors of lesbian fiction.  My first guest for VOLL is CPA by day Heather Blackmore. Her first critically acclaimed Bold Strokes Book book is called Like Jazz. She is working on her second romance and talks about both at the link below:


Like Jazz Cover


  1. Great interview, Marion! And, thanks for introducing this new way to hear about authors and their works! I enjoyed listening! I have not yet read Heather Blackmore’s first novel, but will be correcting that oversight very quickly!

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  2. Very cool interview! I enjoyed hearing about Heather’s experience as an author and really look forward to reading Like Jazz which I just ordered!

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  3. Wonderful! I love it! Thank you Marion and Heather, for a solid kickoff to a great series! Marion, you reminded me SO much of “Modern Rock Live”. Big time 90s flashback there….Great concept, and thank you. 🙂

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  4. […] First up, we’ve added a new podcast segment to Women and Words called “Voices of Lesbian Literature.” It’s hosted by the fabulous Marion Dries. If you didn’t catch the first episode, you can check it out HERE. […]


  5. Good interview. Really liked the production values and that the interview was just the right length. Will be listening again.


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