Women and Words T-Shirts

A few weeks ago we talked about making Women and Words T-shirts available at GCLS this year. Overwhelmingly, the feedback we got indicated that y’all would like the T-shirts to also be available via our website.

We put our thinking caps on (no small feat because the elves tossed them into the rafters during the last Hootenanny and one of them made off with our ladder), and came up with a way to make them available online.

Did y’all know that our very own Jessie Chandler also owns a T-shirt printing business? No? Neither did I! But she does! She agreed to manage the financial end of sales as part of her regular course of business so that folks could order without trekking all the way to NOLA to do it. Yeah, she’s that cool.

I don’t know if we mentioned it before, but all profits from the T-shirt sales will be donated to charity. First up, we’re supporting GCLS since that’s where this whole crazy idea came from in the first place.

So, how do you order? Well, look right up there at the top menu! See that new option? “T-Shirt Order Form” That’s our tricky, tricky code for, well, T-shirt order form. So, click it and order! Or, just for the sake of simplicity, I’ve also added the form and T-shirt designs to the bottom of this post. Because, you know, I like to be simple. Or maybe it’s easy. Hmm…

Since we’re doing it this way, I think we’ve decided not to sell them at GCLS after all (With Andi and I, you never can quite tell when the boat will take a hard left for no apparent reason. We like to mix it up.). However, we will have four shirts, one in each design, to give away while we’re there. Maybe we will do a raffle. Or maybe we’ll give them out randomly. I’m not sure. But I am sure we’ll give them away. Details to come.

Oh, one last side note, Jessie says she can take checks if necessary, so we’re not limited to PayPal sales only.

Designs are printed on white, unisex T-shirts.

Prices: $18, plus shipping

Design #1 – Basic Logo
Design #2 – write here, write now
Design #3 – powers for good
Design #4 – AWESOME^2



  1. Hey! Thanks for offering the shirts online. I truly would have driven to N.O. to get one! Since I’ll be saving gas money, I ordered 3 shirts. Thanks again.

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  2. How will I know my shirt orders were received? I just set up a PayPal account. Also, would like to know an approximate date of delivery, as I’ll be out of town for a bit. Thanks so much!


  3. A couple questions re: your t-shirts please:

    1. Is it possible to get some measurements re: the sizes since it can vary so much from one clothing item to the next?

    2. How come the shipping costs are 3-4 times higher to ship to Canada? I have had authors send me books and comment that the postage was just slightly higher than shipping in the US (cents vs dollars).

    In keeping with Canadian tradition, I will close with
    Eh and Sorry


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