Friday mini dance party

Hello, dahlings!

Happy beginning to a long weekend for those of you in the US and apparently in the UK, which has a bank holiday on Monday. WOOO! The rest of you, sorry. Live vicariously through us. We’ll have a dance party for all of you.

Let me help.
Hello there. Click me.
Click this one, too!
And here!

80s dance mix (almost 3 hours–get warmed up now)
90s dance mix (with vid clips–almost 2 hours)

OMG I’m totally bouncing around the house right now!

Rhythm is a dancer…uh uh uh…

Anyway, now for the Lambda fashion crisis update. Some of you are aware that I was having some major melt-downs about what to wear to the Lambdas. I am pleased to report that I HAVE MY OUTFIT and it includes cool socks. That’s a little-known fact about me, friends. I have a sock thing. That is, I like cool socks. Even if nobody sees them while I’m wearing them, I feel like I have superhero socks on or something and I feel all, YEAH I CAN DANCE ALL NIGHT BRING IT with awesome socks.

I just bought a pair of socks with Frida Kahlo on them. OMG so stoked. But those aren’t the ones I’ve picked out for the Lambdas. Oh, no. I won’t unveil them here, but do stay tuned…the awards ceremony is June 1.

Anyway, long weekend, and if you’re not traveling or partying, how about WRITING? Hit this link to get the 411 to get yer stuff in for upcoming venues.

Otherwise, happy Friday, everybody! And do feel free to share any fashion quirks you yourself might have in the comments.



  1. You, socks. Me, shoes. I have this terrible affinity for shoes, mostly running /casual shoes. I probably have more shoes in my closet now than most people have in a lifetime. Having so many, they’re all like new. I recently took 45-50 pairs to a charity group. I was doing better about buying new shoes till I discovered Zappos. Damn, they make it so easy…order today and they arrive on the doorstep tomorrow. My quirk is that my shoes have to go with what I’m wearing , even if it’s just a sweatshirt and jeans. So, about your “outfit”, be sure to wear a nice pair of shoes or boots. You can have the coolest clothes, but if you don’t have the right shoes, the look will be ruined. Not to fret…it’s easier to find shoes than clothes. Frida Kahlo socks??? Wow!Online or in a store?


    • I have a slight shoe thing, too. Not running/casual. I like funky and fun, whether dressy or casual. I’m currently rocking a pair of classic Vans, but I also have some low-cut Chucks. I also have a pair of Docs and a pair of Fluevogs in need of a re-soling (which will happen soon) and a pair of Frye wingtips. And I dig boots. So I have three pairs of Ariats (most comfortable cowboy boots I’ve ever worn) and a pair of dark brown Harleys that are super comfie, too.

      The Lambda outfit is complete, right down to the shoes and accessories. It took some work, but it’s all good. Now I have to work on the GCLS awards ceremony outfit…

      Socks: online. I find some good socks that way. 😀


  2. For those of us not fortunate enough to see John Waters, Rita Mae Brown, or your Secret Socks, will you at least please wear them to the GCLS?


  3. Love a good dance part :)) For those of us unfortunately not able to join you, Rita (cool!!!!) and all others… picture of your socks with you feet in ‘m after June 1?? And wow.. Frida Kahlo socks. Awesome.


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