Lambda Monday!

Hi, everybody!

Andi here with you today. So the Lambda Award ceremony is tonight at 7 PM EST in New York City. R.G. Emanuelle and I are going, because our co-edited anthology, All You Can Eat: A Buffet of Lesbian Romance and Erotica, is a finalist in one of the categories. AllYouCanEat-197x300

Which means we are going to be in attendance. I’ve never been to a Lambda ceremony, so I’m looking forward to it. There are several celebrity-types that will also be there. Kate Clinton is MC, and the ceremony honors John Waters and Rita Mae Brown. Hit this link to see more about that and the special guests who will be in attendance. And this link has the list of presenters. Wowzers.

Events like this always make me a little nervous. I’m excited to be a Lambda finalist, just as I’m excited to be a finalist whenever one of my books or a book I’ve contributed to is nominated for an award. I try not to think too much beyond that, though. My rule about such matters is to enjoy the awesome-ness of the moment, whatever it may be, and not to invest too much in “what ifs.” That’s where I am right now. I’m enjoying being a finalist, and that’s a huge honor. It will always be a huge honor, no matter what happens. So I’m staying focused on that. Plus, I’m excited to wear my new shoes. I’m debuting them at this event (it’s the little things, people).

R.G. and I also decided to REALLY swank it up and go to the after party. The types of after parties I normally go to involve lots of beer (usually in a bathtub filled with ice), dancing, and a post-rugby game celebration. Pretty sure that’s not going to happen at this one. But you never know. Heh. 😀

Probably a good thing that I’m not in charge of the Lambda after party…

At any rate, I hope I have even more good news afterward, but regardless, I’ll try to post a report about some of the goings-on.

Congrats to all of this year’s finalists. Hope to meet some of you tonight. And thanks to the Lambda Literary Foundation for the work you do in furthering LGBT literature, and thanks to you, readers, for all the support you provide so many of us.

Happy Monday, Happy Lambdas!



  1. Enjoy the awesome-ness and your shoes! And wauw Rita Mae Brown. I’m 51 so she’s about the only author that made me laugh and not afraid to be me when I was 19 🙂 I truly enjoyed reading “All You Can Eat”. So like I said on Twitter: ToiToiToi! (Dutch Egg Nog for Break a leg). Anyhow. As a verocious reader I’m absolutely thrilled that these kinds of events take place. Have fun!


  2. Well, it’s 1 am on the east coast so maybe the awards have started now. LOL. Okay, just kidding about how long award programs can take, but I hope it takes all the times it needs, or it took all the time it needed and you soaked up and loved up every minute of it. Hope you are soaking in champagne tubs of ice and rugby dancing soon! Congrats and can’t wait to hear about it all!


  3. Good luck, tonight! Hope all goes well….have fun….hope those new shoes bring luck and fun! Love ya, Mom


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