Pay It Forward: Author in Need

Hi, all —

As some of you may be aware, our friend and colleague Yvonne Heidt, a Bold Strokes Books author, suffered a heart attack Wednesday, June 3. She was airlifted to Dallas Presbyterian Hospital, where she underwent a procedure to help alleviate the blockage in her artery.

Yvonne, right, and her wife, Sandy
Yvonne, right, and her wife, Sandy

She and her wife will be needing some financial assistance in the coming days to help pay medical bills and to help Yvonne’s wife afford to take time off from work.

If you’d like to help (and for more information about her situation), here is the GoFundMe page.

Yvonne is the Goldie-winning author of the Sisters of Spirit trilogy, which follows the adventures of the Sisters of Spirit paranormal investigative group. Her paranormal romance, Sometime Yesterday, was a Lambda finalist as well as a Goldie winner.

Any amount helps, friends. And do keep Yvonne and her family and friends in your thoughts as she works to recover. Thanks.


  1. I’m terribly sorry to hear this. My prayers and thoughts go to Yvonne and her family. I don’t have much I can send right now, but I will promote her books on my Facebook page so hopefully she’ll get some new sales.


  2. Dear Sandy and Yvonne,

    I would like to share some words with you that a dear friend shared with me in a difficult time.

    “Le corps a une force enorme de se récupérer”.

    It’s truly true :). We are so strong in loving. And that is an enormous healing power!

    Living in NL I am appalled that you have to worry about medical bills in a time like this. Naively I thought that the Obamacare legislation took care of this.

    Oh well.. We’re here, we care and we will share whatever we got to share.

    At least your hair won’t be a tangle on the pillow. (And believe me that’s a plus :))

    Warm hugs from the lowlands.

    Thinking of you


  3. Yvonne and Sandy, I can’t imagine what you two are going through. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


  4. In the present aka as the now. I would really like to know how Yvonne is feeling etc. Hugs fromnl.


  5. I apologize for not updating on this page my wife Yvonne Heidt is home and doing better everyday. It has been a week since her heart attack and she says she is more clear headed than she has been in the past year. I’m sure she will be posting a blog on here soon thank you for all the prayers


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