Coming Attractions, July 2015

Holy freakin’ moly. WE ARE COMING UP ON JULY. That is next month. NEXT MONTH, people. Which means we’ll be right in the thick of summer if you’re in this part of the world. If you’re in the other part, well, you’re having some winter fun. If that’s the case, we’re sure you’ll be able to find SOMETHING on this list that appeals to you. Maybe warm you up or some such. Heh.

And as a reminder, though the merry elves and all of us at Women and Words try to scour the interwebz for all kinds of handy info, we sure don’t catch all the forthcoming or new releases. So…

Authors and/or publishers, if you have a new release coming up and you’d like to get it listed on either Hot off the Press or Coming Attractions here at Women and Words, all you need to do is drop us a line at our “Contact” page, above. See it up there? Above our banner? Click on that. We post the lists the 1st or 2nd Friday of the month (usually), so please let us know before that and please supply a link (if possible) for more info or to buy the book. Thank yuh. Thank yuh ver-uh much.

And REMEMBER! We maintain a new releases/coming attractions static page right here on Women and Words, which we update throughout the month as necessary. These here blogs we stop updating about a week after they post.

And now, behold. Some goodies.

Jody Klaire, La Vie en Blue

Gerri Hill, Pelican’s Landing
Melissa Price, Steel Eyes
Jenna Rae, Stumbling on the Sand

Julie Blair, Making a Comeback
Gun Brooke, Soul Unique
Jeannie Levig, Threads of the Heart
Radclyffe, Price of Honor
Missouri Vaun, Ground Beneath
Karis Walsh, Mounting Evidence
MJ Williamz, Sheltered Love

Kate McLachlan, Ten Little Lesbians <–corrected! Andi is a dork!
S.Y. Thompson, Illusive Witness

G Benson, All the Little Moments
Jae, Next of Kin
Emily O’Beirne, A Story of Now (Book #1)
Astrid Ohletz and Jae, eds., Don’t Be Shy Vol. 2
J.R. Wolfe, Deliberate Harm



  1. Thanks Andi, for posting all the upcoming books, including mine! There’s something wrong with the title though. TEN LITTLE INDIANS is a great book, but somebody else wrote that one. Agatha somebody, I think? My book is TEN LITTLE LESBIANS. Loosely based on old Agatha’s though.


  2. I love these lists..I just wish my wallet was big enough to love them as much as I think I need a second job just to support my reading habit…Oh the daily struggles of a book addict!!


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