Dragons (and other fanciful things)

A couple of weeks ago I told y’all about the epic road trip my family has planned for this summer. If you missed it, here’s a magical linky-link.

There’s a ton of other stuff going on that you may or may not care about, but I’m totally going to share anyway. Yeah, I’m cool like that.

First, a reminder about the awesome Women and Words T-shirts. Yes, I’ve talked about these a LOT already, but they’re cool. And our very own Jessie Chandler makes them. And we’re donating the profits to charity. GCLS at the moment. So, yeah. Buy one. Or something.10422185_10205573406208553_4967763171898591175_nAnd, because I got the Women and Words T-shirts for me, Lily, and my oldest daughter Michelle (who is an aspiring writer), Tara immediately asked for one for Wyatt. Only about dragons. And so there’s this:

dragontshirtOf course I sent that design over to Jessie and a T-shirt for my boy is in the mail as we speak. I haven’t talked to Jessie about it, but I’m guessing if you really want one of these, you could drop her a line and ask. She’s nice. She’ll probably hook you up for the same deal as the Women and Words T-shirts. Maybe. Never hurts to ask.

And when Gill (McKnight) saw the T-shirt design, she immediately demanded it as a bumper sticker. And so there’s this:


If you want one of those, do not contact Jessie. She makes T-shirts, not stickers. But you can order your very own from Vistaprint. Let me know and I’ll send you the proof.

What else is going on? Oh yes, my fabulous kid, Michelle, joined a group of nine other Portland area authors at Pride this past weekend. She set up shop and sold my books and made friends. She also listened to D. Jordan Redhawk and Anne Tenino yell at her about me skipping out on the event. My sincere apologies. I don’t set out to be flaky. Sometimes it just happens.

In July, I’ll be at GCLS in New Orleans along with a bunch of other Women and Words folks. I don’t have a complete roll call yet, but I know that Andi, R.G., and Jessie will be there. I’m pretty sure that Carsen and Sandra will be. Redhawk, Marion, and Yvonne are definitely maybes. Or maybe-nots. And I’m certain that Lynnette, Gill, and Stevie will not be there.

After we get back home in August, I’m doing a local event in Portland at Another Read Through. Lori L. Lake, Karelia Stetz-Waters, Kate McLachlan, and Tonie Chacon will be there as well. We’re going to read some things (probably excerpts from our books) and then talk about some things and maybe even sign some things. If you’re in the area, I’d be totally stoked if you came out and said hi. Yep.

In September, I’ll be in Seattle for Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up. I know, that’s a really long name. But it’s a really cool event. I’ll be on a couple of panels with Andi, R.G., Jill Malone, Kim Taylor-Blakemore, Anne Tenino, and some other people I do not know. But it’ll be fun. I’m pretty sure of that part.

Yeah, I should totally give y’all some dates to go with these things. And I will when we get closer. This is just a general teaser.

I’ve got a bunch of short stories coming out soon too. As they surface, I’ll share the details. Because, really, I’ve already done far too much thinking and my brain could go fizzle-pop at any minute.

And on that happy note, I leave y’all with some music. Music that does not make my brain go fizzle-pop but does make me smile.


  1. Yo folksies! Nice post, Jove! That was quite the pop fizzle! I would certainly do dragon shirts for anyone interested, and I’ll do the same deal as the other W&W shirts, with a portion of the proceeds going to GCLS. Maybe if I talk nice, I can get Jove to add that to the t-shirt page. If you are interested in an awesome dragon shirt, fill out the form on the t-shirt page and I’ll get you hooked up!

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