Heroes and Hindsight

Heroes and Hindsight.

I thought it fitting that the second part of my blog would fit on Women & Words. The overwhelming support and love from ya’ll – shocked me.


And that’s putting it mild. 🙂

If you want to read the down and dirty details of my heart attack on June 3rd – and how I felt about it that day – here is the link to Heart attacks and Helicopters.

So, let’s break it down. At that point – I was anything but grateful to be alive. I was pissed off – in pain, and let everyone who was around me know about it. That alone is worth mentioning as I’m not someone who makes a public fuss.  Goes back to “be sweet, considerate, but above all, be invisible.”

Seen but not heard.  Don’t put anyone to any “trouble” on your account.

Here’s the important thing. I told the truth.  What if, someone else in this situation – felt this way, then decided they shouldn’t because it wasn’t “socially” acceptable or the people around them made them feel guilty for being ungrateful – they would think something was wrong with them, right?

I have put myself in situations I’d rather not admit to – but if I see someone struggling with the same challenges, I always tell the truth.  Even if it makes me look “bad.”

We are not as alienated as we think. 🙂

Or I’m not, anyway.

Back to the hospital – after my surgery. We’ve established I had a “real” heart attack.

Poor Sandy shows up white as a ghost (she actually saw one in the ICU bathroom as well) but that’s another story.

The IV is still in my shin – and they come and talk to me about DNR. Of course, I tell them – don’t.  At the time, I could only picture more spikes screwed into my bone marrow and my chest getting cracked open while i was awake.  Sandy said I looked at her with complete panic and said “Don’t make me.”

I’m not making light of this – I was utterly selfish.

In hindsight – the pain is what kept me focused and alive.  It’s going to take a long while to feel grateful, but the seeds are there.  I couldn’t imagine being in Sandy’s position either when she said, “I won’t make you.”

That’s love.

Sandy was making the phone calls to the family, updating everyone.  It was all very surreal.

Still is.

Then I was blown away.

From the moment I woke after surgery – until this day. The outpouring of love and support brought me to another place during this time.

My sister from another mister opened an account to help me pay for this impromptu stay at the hospital. My wife read the comments that were dropping onto my Facebook page, well-wishes from all around the world.

My friends and author buddies posted and reposted updates and the link to the hopsital.

Wow, I mattered – I really, really mattered.

Sorry, Sally Field moment….

You see, when you’re depressed and in denial – you can’t remind yourself that you’re In denial – and or being influenced by depression.

Go ahead and read that again.  🙂

I want to say that the skies opened up, the clouds parted, and I saw healing Angels.

I want to.

But I’ve established that I hadn’t seen the light, Deserae, or any of my relatives who’ve passed on.

I started getting oxygen to my brain.

And I believe in the power of prayer and positive energy.

Here’s more hindsight.  I’ve touched people in a way that was invisible to me – my words and compassion to other’s  in the past took on a life ot it’s own.  I’ve planted seeds (actually, it’s more like I unknowingly  scattered them willy-nilly behind me…)

But that’s my style.

Your genorisity with your words and financial donations floored me – it was beyond belief.

Sandy and I spent most of my hopsital stay with our mouths wide open in shock.

What I feel today is beyond gratitude – beyond appreciation – beyond words, really.

And I’m a writer who is again without words big enough to express herself.

Thank you doens’t seem enough.

But it’s all I have 🙂

I have amazing friends.

Really, who gets to know the depth of how so many people feel about you before they die?

It’s totally life changing and awesome!

I’m the luckiest woman alive 🙂

Life life

I have my first follow up appointment today.  But I really want to share this as well…

Because now, I do what I want…

LOL.  Have an awesome day 🙂





  1. Good to ‘see’ you here at WAW again. Read the first part on your blog. Was glad about the update. Although the real life story is pretty horrifying… Sending you and Sandy lots of love from the lowlands. Wondering who the ghost in the mirror was. Hmmmm..

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  2. Holy shit! I have no idea what planet I’ve been on, but I missed this entire traumatic episode! First of all, let me say I am so happy you are doing all right!

    Secondly, I am absolutely appalled at the doctors who treated you as they did when you sought help for your depression, which might not encompass the entirety of your situation. Depression is something I have battled and continue to battle. However, I cannot imagine what it would be like to do this without any help at all. I totally understand the self-medicating, and the army of doom.

    Mostly I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your story, and I am so, so happy you are finding yourself in a better place. May the healing continue, and peace surround you.

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  3. Even through all the pain and trauma, your humor shines through in your writing 😎. Amazing that you could have been treated so barbarically in this day and advance in medicine!!! Seriously, yes, they were trying to save your life but a bit of pain management should have been a priority too! YESH, I hope I never get treated by your medical team…👿. Hang tough and keep on keeping on…

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  4. Bless you Yvonne, the world would be a worse place without you in it. Your honesty and courage are an inspiration to others. Believe that!


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