Glorious Fan Fiction

I’ve said it before. Fan fiction is one of my guilty pleasures. It gives me the same thrill as eating Nutella with a spoon directly from the jar. I know it’s not the best thing for me to do, but damn if I can stop myself from doing it. With Nutella, there’s no such thing as only one spoonful, and the next thing I know, none of my pants fit. With fan fiction, when I find an author I like, I can’t read just one chapter or just one story. No, I must consume it all rightnow in a mad frenzy, and the next thing I know, a week has passed and my family has forgotten my name because I’ve been too checked out to bother with the rest of life.

If Tara had her way, she’d ban me from fan fiction sites. In order for that to stick, though, she’d have to convince the administrators of those sites to somehow block me. And that would be an absolute tragedy.

So, since Women and Words is a website dedicated to women. And words. I want to share some of my favorite fan fiction words about women. Yeah, say that ten times fast.

First up is an author who wrote a handful of Skins fan fiction stories and then disappeared. Skins, in case you don’t know, was a British show about a group of completely out of control teens who drank, did drug, and had a lot of sex. MTV did an American version a few years ago, but it wasn’t nearly as good. Please note that I am in no way advocating for teenage promiscuity and drug use. That said, I really liked the first couple of seasons because it was gritty and brutally vivid, and it was one of the few shows at the time with a cast full of sexually fluid characters. If that sounds as though it might be your thing, you can check out HyperFitched at And if anyone out there knows where this author is and if she’s writing under a different name, for the love of god, tell me about it, please?

Another author who I’ve been a long time fan of is Alsike. Recently, she’s written some Once Upon a Time stories, which is cool. Who doesn’t love that? But back in the day, she wrote a whole slew of X-Men/Criminal Minds crossover featuring Emma Frost and Emily Prentiss. It’s edgy and raw and dirty and so completely not approved for work. And what’s not to love about unrepentant smut with a plot? So, yeah, check her out at Alsike at

I admit I haven’t watched a ton of Rookie Blue, but I really love Gail and Holly. I have a weakness for frosty bitches and adorable geeks. It’ a thing. Brace yourselves for a shock, folks, but the author I’m going to recommend doesn’t include much in the way of sexy good times. Lots and lots of romance and angst and elements of beautiful, real life relationships. Check out Baxley McTedders at if that sounds like it might be up your alley.

There are so many more, but I’m going to stop here because there’s enough here to pull you all the way down into the rabbit hole and you won’t surface for weeks. What about the rest of y’all? Any other fan fiction addicts out there? Who are your favorite authors? You can tell me. I promise I won’t neglect my family too much. 🙂



  1. I will not hijack this post for long, but I must give a confession.

    My name is Jay, and I am a Xena Warrior Princess fan fiction addict. I read them all…classic, Conqueror, and Uber. Being as addicted as I am, I was compelled me to start a Facebook group in 2012 called Xena Fan Fic Chat, which focuses exclusively on this very thing. I host weekly or bi-weekly Skype chats that are centered around Xena fan fic and Xena in general. There are some bards in my group, and some of them have joined a Skype chat to discuss their work and their love fo the XWP show.

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    • Now THAT is dedication! Sadly, I discovered fanfic after the Xena craze. That had pretty much died off by the time I realized it was a thing. And yes, that makes me seriously sad. But I’m glad you’re hooking folks up with a steady fix for their fan fiction addiction!


  2. So glad I’m not the only one who has this addiction. I started off hooked on Xena fan fic and added Once Upon A Time to that obsession. Some of my favourite fan fic authors are LZClotho, SgtMac, Chrmdpoet, hunnyfresh, writetherest, morshon, Queen Nan and so many, many more. (I’m also pleased as punch that Ylva will be publishing Chrmpoet under her given name because she is beyond talented!)

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    • I saw word of this post on Virtual Living Room’s most recent digest and wanted to stop by to see what people were saying.

      I started writing again thanks to Xena, quite a number of years ago (ahem), and the fanfic bug bit hard. I did write a couple original novels since, but I will always enjoy the positivity of quick feedback that happens in fandom.

      I am currently only writing Once Upon A Time fanfic as Carolyn mentions. As more alternative universe (what we “old” bards used to call uber) crop up with the OUAT character archetypes, I’m seeing more and more stories that have the potential to join Xena ubers making a new wave surge forward in lesbian fiction.

      I was recently remodeling my in-home library and moving my lesfic out of boxes and onto display. I need more and new titles; my collection is about 5 years out of date. (Becoming a teacher really sapped my free time for quite a while).

      Any recommendations? I’m liking more family-oriented (single mom meets other single mom or makes a single friend who becomes more) fics of late, and more stories that are less about labels and more about just finding happiness together. So what is everyone reading?


  3. I’ve only recently discovered the SwanQueen and FrozenSwan fandoms. Besides yuri (anime), my favorite femslash fandom is JoBlair (“Facts of Life”). My favorite authors are quiethearted (QH Fletcher), especially “Living with Choices” and Slave2Free, both “Beauty Crowds Me” and the sequel “Common Ground”

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  4. uhhhhh yeah. I am confessing too. Betty is ready to confiscate my phone and beat me over the head. I’m addicted to Criminal Minds and Rizzoli and Isles fanfic, but I’lll periodically check out what else is out there too. We need an FFAA. And maybe an intervention LOL


    • Never an intervention. Addictions of this sort should be encouraged, not stopped. Many of the fics out there are amazing, such a great escape from mainstream anti-LGBT crap. I almost can’t read mainstream fiction any more; it’s all so shallow.


  5. Fan fiction was the reason I bought my first ereader. I got tired of being tied to the laptop and learned how to convert online stories into ebooks. I also met some of my very best friends through various fanfic communities.


    • What? I could be reading fan fiction on my paperwhite? I know how to do word documents, but didn’t realize it’s possible with fan fiction. Cheri, you must share with the rest of the class!


      • Absolutely. Some sites even have downloadable versions in ebook formats. But if you have rtf or word docs, you can still do it by using an awesome program called Calibre. You import it into the program and then convert it to whatever you want. Calibre is a fantastic way to not only convert non-DRM material to different formats but to manage your entire digital collection of reading material.


      • Oh! And if you have the “send to kindle” deal on your computer, you can just right-click on the converted file and send it directly to your paperwhite.


  6. I, too, started with Xena fan fiction by stumbling into one short fan fiction tagged on the show’s fan site. Having the freedom to explore literature only when I got to college (which was in the different country), finally feeling free to read “morally questionable” stories (my environment was, and still is, very non-LGBTQ {last three pride marches had to be canceled because the police could not spare the force to deal with the threats and violent members of society – and there are a lot of them})
    From Xena fan fiction I found a writer I adored, LJ MAAS, and her three extra long books were delicious.
    After Xena, came Buffy with their fem ships, Voyager, L&O SVU, and then I just looked for the accompanying fics of the shows i was watching at the time. Around that time OUaT started and I found a real treasure trove of writers and stories, and too many of them are my favorite. Among those are: Chrmdpoet, hope2x, Barbie Shoes, StgMac, janemac24, hunnyfresh, LZClotho, FlyYouFools, Dacota829Snow and honestly too many to count.
    However, only when I started watching Once Upon A Time, I felt inspired to write fan fiction. I have previously written some short stories and several novels, but since I was a child I felt the words come more naturally to me in English than in my language, so I had no peer review… Or my stories were too deeply personal and I could not risk them getting to my family (not my parents, but the other relatives). And, now, I have a platform that I simply adore, as I write for myself firstly, then to all others who read my stuff.


  7. Mac we almost had the same order of addiction. I started out with Buffy (willow/tara) then went to Xena, SVU and now Rizzles with a few others in between. I agree I personally dont want an intervention I love and crave updates when I get notified of them.


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