Let’s have some FRIDAY FUN STUFF!

Hi, everybody!

This week was hell on Hot Wheels, so I decided that to keep the shreds of sanity I have left, I needed a Friday fun stuff post. Some of you know I do this every now and again, but I haven’t in a while and holy hot sauce, Batman, I feel the need.

So let’s see what our faithful friend the interweb has to offer…

FIRST! Cool opportunity for ye olde spec fic/sci fi editor/writer types. The ezine Luna Station Quarterly publishes spec fic by women and is on the hunt for a blog managing editor. This is a community service/volunteer gig, but I can testify to the fun-ness of the crew (I’m a volunteer editor over there) and the steepage in the spec fic. Well worth your time if you have some to spare and you want to get involved with this really cool ezine.

See the blog HERE to get a feel for it.
And here’s the 411 for the managing editor position.

NOW let’s go have some fun.

If you’ve already seen Jurassic World, then you should giggle at the so-called “zookeeper meme.” For those in the know, hit the link. If you haven’t seen the movie, well, hurry up. 😉

Or visit this intriguing website for the theme park in Jurassic World. Dino-geekery, y’all.

Okay, it’s summer and I know some of you will be hitting the road for various reasons. Well, Thrillist can tell you the weirdest roadside attraction in every state. I mean, why WOULDN’T you want to see the world’s largest brick? Or the world’s largest chicken wing? Or the world’s most scenic urinal? I know. Boggles the mind that you didn’t even know you could. Well, there you go.

Bonus: Roadside America, which is chock full of crazy things to see in these United States. Like, for example, if you’re going to GCLS in NOLA, why not stop by the Louisiana State Museum at the Cabildo to check out the death masks? Or how about cake museums? Seriously. Look. Oh, and how about the giant, creepy warehouse filled with Mardi Gras floatatiousness? Yeah. Here.

And in the clothing department, here are some good shirts for you to wear to formal events. Like, for example, THIS ONE. Or perhaps THIS. And for other matters, like, say, a zombie apocalypse, here’s your outfitter. Or you can learn how to dress for the apocalypse HERE.


Maybe you want to start living your life as a steampunk lad or lass. Got you covered: Steampunk Emporium and Clockwork Couture

And some of you recently admired my Rosie the Riveter socks. I have a thing for socks, basically. I like interesting socks. I have classic socks, too, but I do like to feel all fancy with groovy/interesting socks. So here! Blue Q is so awesome I can’t even stand it. SRSLY. “You’re not the boss of me” socks. How have we all lived without these?


The sockness. It bring joy to my little heart.

Y’know what else brings joy to my little heart? Unicorns. So here. Your guide to starting your very own UNICORN FARM. Damn right. And here are some unicorn socks to go with your farm. And of course, you must have an assortment of unicorn shot glasses when you’re entertaining on your unicorn farm. I have just hooked you up RIGHT HERE. I’m partial to the one with Bigfoot riding the unicorn. Because that is a sight for which I would totally give my socks away to see. And if you’re totally over the top into unicorny, here’s a cult for you.

And now for something a little more serious but also super gorgeous.

Tattoos for breast cancer survivors. I’m still thinking about a tattoo for my scar, but I haven’t quite figured out what it’ll be. P.ink is an organization that’s working to pair women with tattoo artists. I’ve been thinking about launching something similar, but I’m not sure how it would look or work. Ah, projects!

This one’s a little more serious. I know that there are plenty of you out there who either deal with chronic illness and/or pain or you know someone who does. If people have trouble understanding what you’re going through as you manage your situation, read this essay by Christine Miserandino called “Spoon Theory.” Maybe her explanation technique will help.

Okay, friends! Thanks for hanging out with me and happy Friday. Oh, and here’s to a great weekend, too.