Coming Attractions, August 2015

Well, in this part of the world, summer is flinging past. I hope those of you dealing with winter have the same experience, with winter flinging past. But just because summer is waning doesn’t mean there are no more books because everybody is out on vacation or running around getting gay married and all. NO! THE BOOKS MUST GO ON!

Below, you’ll see a list of things that are coming down the pike. And no, sadly, we don’t catch everything. So if you’re an author/publisher (or a reader in the know!) and you’ve got a book coming up or that’s just been released, drop us a line at the CONTACT page. Keep in mind that we stop updating Coming Attractions blogs about a week after posting, but we DO keep updating at our static New Releases/Coming Up page.

So for those of you experiencing summer, grab your beach chair. Here’s some more reading!

Annette Mori, Asset Management
Alane Hotchkin, Once Upon a Time

Nene Adams, Sweet
S.M. Harding, I Will Meet You There
Venus Reising, Sculpting Anna
Laura DeHart Young, There Will Be No Goodbyes (orig. published by Naiad in 1995!)

Andrea Bramhall, The Chameleon’s Tale
Meredith Doench, Crossed
Kathleen Knowles, Warm November
Tina Michele, In Every Cloud
VK Powell, Side Effects
Shelley Thrasher, Autumn Spring
Tanai Walker, Rise of the Gorgon

A.J. Adair, A Journey to You (more info as it becomes available!)
Rae D. Magdon and Michelle Magly, Starless Nights (Dark Horizons Book 2; more info as it becomes available!)

J.S. Frankel, Lindsay, Jo, and the Well of Nevermore
Jane DiLucchio, Relationships Can Be Murder (ebook only)

Astrid Ohletz and Jae, eds., Don’t Be Shy (Vol. 2)
Lee Winter, The Red Files


  1. Thanks, Andi!

    I, for one, appreciate these updates.

    I have had Karis Walsh on my “to read” list from earlier “Coming Attractions” and just got ‘around to’ ordering some of her books. Well, I have hardly slept since! “Wingspan” just knocked me out … really hit me somewhere inside where we all hide that ‘broken child’ … cried through three-quarters of the book, but loved it. Then read “Improvisation” – so different – but just a wonderful, complex love story (that’s a good thing BTW!).

    So, this list has introduced me to women who have become my favorite authors – you, Sandra Moran, Clifford Henderson, Georgia Beers, Kiki Archer, Carol Ashton … well, you get the idea! I have a long list of favorites thanks to Women and Words!

    In appreciation,


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