Here Come the Brides!

_MG_5152 Almost two weeks later and I’m still celebrating the Supreme Court smack down that made my Canadian marriage legal here in my home state of Texas. After ten years, I still feel a swell of pride and leak sappy tears when I think about my wedding day. There’s really nothing quite like standing across from the woman you love and pledging your life, your love, and your loyalty for forever.

Which makes me wonder why I’ve never included a wedding between the two main characters in any of my books. Sure, I’ve referred to characters as having been married, but I’ve not included the ceremony itself. Was I waiting for this moment in time, when I could write about a Texas judge, maybe Morgan’s father (from The Best Defense), officiating the ceremony? Whatever the reason, it might be time for me to plan a wedding 🙂

What say you? Do you like reading wedding scenes – brides in love, cake, champagne, and all the trimmings?



  1. Having been together nearly 24 years and, being able to have a Civil Ceramony 8 years ago the best was definitely being able to marry last year. A book including a marriage Ceramony is definitely a must and look forward to reading such very soon.


  2. If the story calls for it, I love a good wedding scene. To have it happen in Texas would just be icing on the cake, pun intended.

    Do you still find it strange to say that your marriage is legal in Texas? I know I do. I really thought that Texas would be the last holdout, the lone ranger of bigotry, that would try to keep my wife and I from exercising what should be — and now is! — a basic American right.


  3. Looking forward to the “new reality” being incorporated into our fiction! (Adorable photo btw!)


  4. Yes I want the whole kit and kaboodle please. Given that we can’t legally marry here in Australia, I like to live vicariously through you and your books.


  5. The response here in the UK was overwhelming. There were so many people here celebrating when the news broke. So pleased! And yes, Iit would be lovely to read a wedding scene!


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