The Heat is ON!

It’s incredible how fast another month flies by and I’m up for another turn at W&W. How did it get to be July already?? Summer is my crazy time, time when I have no idea which end is up and which is sideways. Between prepping as a vendor for four prides…

TC Pride 2015 double booth

whipping out last minute Obama quote shirts after the amazing 6-26-15 Supreme Court announcement for pride:

Obama shirt

making t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts for the annual Golden Crown Literary Society conference:

vertical 300 dpi

doing book promo, editing and beta-ing others works-in-progress, working at my beloved Once Upon a Crime Mystery Bookstore, and maintaining the internet sales we have day-to-day, I sometimes feel like my head’s about to pop off.

Superman head popping off

(That’s the coolest head-popping-off pic I could find–I had no idea what gruesome stuff I was out there when I googled head-popping-off images! And I in NO way think I’m a superhero, so just ignore that part.)

Anyway, I know I need to find time for a few moments respite, some quiet time, a little reprieve from the crazy-ass day to day. My question to you, dear readers, is this: where do you find your peace? What do you do to take the edge off, to chill, to cool your jets? I have lots of ideas but none that I’m going to have time to make happen in the foreseeable future. Do you have “quick mentally refreshing fixes” you employ through your day? My shrink says it’s all about “self-care” and get your mind out of the gutter (although I know the gutter is one great way for a little steam release!)

So let’s have a stress busting conversation, and see what tips and ideas we can all share to not only help me, but any and all of our awesome readers here at W&W!

Ready, set, GO!


  1. A walk around the parking lot at work. Putting my headphones in to drown out the world. Reading a good book to escape reality. Texting inappropriate things to my BFF.

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  2. I love taking whatever book I’m reading or trying to read out to our new front porch, kick back with a tall glass of something cold, and just read for a while. Our two dogs have little beds out there or they will lie in our laps or on the cool wood planks of the porch. A nice little escape that always works for me. The really nice thing is that my honey likes to do that with me. We can sit there and read together (she usually dozes off after a bit) and we are both recharged at the same time.

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    • I so wish I had time to kick back and read, Betty. I usually sneak my reading in by doing text to voice on my phone when I’m driving. That’s what I would love tho, a few days to do nothing but chill, eat, and read my heart out! Without any well intentioned but pain in the ass interruptions LOL


  3. First turn off the cell phone then take a walk with a friend along rhe river, a drink and good book in the backyard, or coffee and conversation with friends to relax and renew.

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  4. One of the things I do for self-care is take a nap to a good baseball game on the radio. Just hit the recliner or some days the bed and lay down and make my mind picture in great detail the game, every play, every position, every runner, until i wake up rested with an attitude adjustment and feeling much better. It works six months out of the year and I’ve even been known to tape baseball games for later use, but not on the television definitely on something that catches a radio broadcast. It makes your mind work in different ways and relaxes you on a far deeper level. Now if you aren’t a baseball fan….

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    • Ona, this is a great idea! I’m not too hot on baseball, but hockey could work. Or maybe the pace isn’t so conducive to relaxing LOL I believe totally that listening and allowing your mind to imagine works on a whole different level that isn’t often delved is very good for one.

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  5. Nothing like a good book to take your mind off of things. Sometimes I’ll grab a snack — some popcorn or those pretzels with peanut butter inside — sneak upstairs to my bedroom and get lost in the pages of really good read.

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  6. I read, knit or embroider- all very relaxing activities. Every year I go out to Star Island which is the most relaxing place I know, even though I do bunches of stuff there :).

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  7. Easy: I go outside, lay down in the grass under a big tree, and watch the clouds meander through the sky…always relaxing and a wonderful way to clear your mind😄

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  8. I’m with Sharon…I read. I devour at least 3 books a week. It used to be such a struggle to find good lesfic books and now they are everywhere. Love it! Hanging out at the pool with a Mojito works too….

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