This London Love by Clare Lydon (Plus a FREE book. Or two!)

Congratulations to cquesada66 and SueH! The both won a copy of This London Love by Clare Lydon.

It’s Sunday again! I’m not quite sure how that happens so quickly, but here it is nonetheless. And, it’s a good one because the fabulous Clare Lydon has returned to tell us about her latest release This London Love.

And, if that isn’t enough awesome all on its own, Clare is also giving away a couple of copies to you fabulous Women and Words readers. Here’s the deal, if you live in the UK, you can pick between ebook or paperback. If you live anywhere else in the world, ebook only. Shipping internationally can get a little crazy, yo!

To get in on the goodness, leave a comment in the space below. That’s it. So simple, right? I’ll draw the winners on Friday, July 24.

Good luck!

This-London-Love-CoverThis London Love
by Clare Lydon

My latest novel, This London Love, came out a few weeks ago, is the story of magazine designer Kate Carter and florist Meg Harding. It’s a classic romance tale of girl meets girl, set against the backdrop of my hometown and favourite city in the world, London.

I released my first book London Calling in 2014 and afterwards, so many people emailed me to ask what happened to Kate, Jess’s flatmate. I was already quite far down the track of writing my second novel, but after so many people wanted to know, I decided I’d write Kate’s story – and that turned out to be book three, This London Love.

When I wrote London Calling, Kate was a secondary character, and she worked in magazines. As luck would have it, I worked in magazines for over a decade, so it was a setting I knew intimately. Hence, when it came to fleshing Kate’s world out, I really enjoyed writing the scenes in the magazine offices. The meetings, the awards, the deadlines – it’s all there. I even wrote in the terrible coffee machine we put up with back then, much to the amusement of my former co-workers!

The other central character in the story, Meg, was a little different. I’d wanted to write a florist into one of my novels for a while, so I decided Meg would work with flowers. However, what I know about flowers I can write on the back of my hand, or perhaps even my thumbnail, so I set about doing some research. But then fate intervened, when my nephew married a florist. Score! So I spent much time on the phone asking her all manner of floral questions. She was brilliant, so I hope I did her justice and got the details right. And as an added bonus, I now know what flowers go into an autumnal seasonal bouquet.

It was fantastic going back to some of the characters from London Calling and working with them again – they’re a great bunch and I’d happily go out for a beer with them anytime. I’ve lived in London for 16 years and love it fiercely, so I hope my third novel captures London in all its glittering glory and holds true to my debut’s feel-good and entertainment factor. That was the aim at least!london-eye1

Will there be a third and final instalment in the London series? Never say never. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of writing about London – after all, you know what they say: tired of London, tired of life.

cocktail-clareClare Lydon is a Virgo, a Spurs supporter, a coffee lover and a craft beer fan – especially the ones with the cool logos. She lives in London with her wife, watches far too much A Place In The Sun, and in her next life, wants to come back as Rayna James.

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  1. Another fun interview. I don’t know how it happened but I don’t think I have read London Calling so I must rectify this immediately and then follow it up with This London Love. Thanks for giving us a little bit of background on the main characters.

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  2. Hello Clare and Jove
    I really enjoyed London Calling, so I’m looking forward to This London Love. Would be very happy to win this book. Thanks a lot. ☺

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  3. I absolutely loved London Calling and wil definitely read this one too. I never say no to a chance to win a (e-)book, so please count me in 😊

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  4. Sounds good! I have never been to London, but I do love a book where the location is one of the characters, I am looking forward to reading your books!

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